Narconon Freedom Center Creates Lasting Recovery for Addicts

Narconon Freedom Center received a graduate update from a past client, who now has nearly five years sober. In her update, she let Narconon Freedom Center know how much the tools learned while on their drug rehabilitation program have helped her become successful and remain sober since her completion of the program. Narconon Freedom Center shares her story and her progress in this release.

Narconon Freedom Center received a report this week from a graduates of their alcohol and drug rehabilitation program. After nearly five years of sobriety the former student, Karah M., has obtained a college degree, competed in a number of fitness competitions and become financially stable enough to travel the world. Karah’s new life in recovery demonstrates SAMHSA’s working definition of recovery, which is “A process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.”

As Karah reports her life prior to enrolling in their drug rehabilitation program she states, “To say I was a mess when I enrolled at Narconon Freedom Center would be an understatement. I was completely lost and hopeless. Every day before enrolling was about finding a way to get high. At this point, I had forgotten how to live life and was just struggling to survive.”

None of my accomplishments since graduating would have been possible without what I learned from Narconon, and without the supportive friends that I made while at the Freedom Center!

Karah M., Narconon Graduate

During active addiction many loved ones begin to lose hope in the addict every finding sobriety, this often leads to loved ones and friends  discontinuing a relationship with the addict. Sarah reports that the only person left hoping she would find sobriety was her mother, who would lie awake every night hoping her nightmares of that dreaded phone call did not become reality. Her mother was not ready to lay Karah to rest and knew she had the potential to live a sober and successful life. 

When Karah’s mother approached her about enrolling in yet another treatment program, Karah recalls being stubborn and not wanting to go at all. Her mother’s will to see her daughter thrive in life was greater than Karah’s desire to continue using though. She entered Narconon Freedom Center in Michigan. When she arrived she reports that, “being at the Freedom Center was scary. I was so far from home and wanted to go home so many times. Every day was hard for me. I struggled with having to feel again, but one day things just started to look brighter and then things started to become more and more possible!”

Many addicts that enter a drug rehabilitation facility find facing their addiction head on to be difficult, but Karah fought through and continued to see that sobriety was possible and that she was doing it. The day Karah completed the Narconon Freedom Center program she recalls “beaming with pride that she had done it!”

Since completing the Narconon program, Karah says she has rediscovered who she is and has been able to actually live life! Karah goes on to report, “I’ve travelled and gone to school. I’ve been able to excel at work and in the last year I made a commitment to myself and my health, which has led me to compete in three fitness shows this year!” She goes on to state, “None of this would have been possible without what I learned from Narconon Freedom Center or without the supportive group of friends I made while I was there. I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to successfully complete the Narconon Freedom Center program.”​

Karah’s story of success after graduating the Narconon program shows how recovery is possible, as she continues to set goals for herself to continually improve within her own life. This process of continually improvement in all areas of one’s life is exactly what the Narconon program teaches through the life skills phase of their drug rehabilitation program.

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