Narconon Celebrates 53 Years of Saving Lives

Narconon International honors the tens of thousands of program graduates in celebration of the 53rd anniversary of the Narconon program

Celebrating Our Narconon Graduates and Their Families to Commemorate 53 Years of Saving Lives

For over half a century, the Narconon Program has provided an effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation program that has helped tens of thousands of addicts become happy, healthy, productive members of society. Narconon, meaning “no drugs,” does not use replacement drugs, nor does it believe addiction is a disease from which one can never recover. Instead, it sees addiction as a lack of the ability to live life on life’s terms. The Narconon Program provides a proven path for individuals suffering from addiction to regain control of their lives and learn the skills necessary to handle whatever life might throw at them.

The Narconon Program was one of the first to recognize that addiction was not a moral failing. Addicts were not bad people. Rather, they had found themselves caught in a dwindling spiral of addiction. This dwindling spiral began when an individual faced some pain or discomfort for which they lacked the tools to overcome and upon discovering that, for a time, drugs or alcohol seemed to solve this problem, they then became physically dependent on the substance after continued use. This physical dependence coupled with the lack of skills needed to cope without drugs or alcohol is precisely what the Narconon Program addresses using the unique discoveries of humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard.

From humble beginnings in February 1966, Narconon has expanded to a worldwide network of drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. From the rarefied air of Himalayan peaks of Nepal to the eternal city of Rome and the coastal views of California, Narconon is a growing force for good, standing 40 centers strong in 18 countries.

In celebration of more than half a century of saving lives, Narconon would like to congratulate the graduates of the program from the last 53 years as we look forward to another half-century of providing effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation and education programs.

Take Jason Good. Once held hostage by a group of drug dealers in a Florida crack house, now 13 years later Jason has taken the tools he learned on the Narconon Program and walked away from a life that could have easily killed him. The life skills taught in the Narconon Program made him feel, in his own words, like a “born again adult.”

We congratulate Diana Ré who in 2012 had been to multiple rehabilitation programs. Her growing drug habit was out of control when Ré found Narconon New Life Retreat in Louisiana. There, Ré found a different approach to rehabilitation, one she felt addressed her as an individual and didn’t demand her to feel powerless. Narconon’s unique approach to rehabilitation for opiates didn’t require her to use replacement drugs for the rest of her life. Now, years later, Ré believes this was one of the most important aspects of the program. She is truly free from her addiction.

We applaud Oliver (name changed to protect privacy), who just celebrated one year of true recovery. After 15 years of addiction, he had all but lost his family and the will to live. Now, one year later, he is celebrating his sobriety with his wife and son. He says he would never have imagined being as happy and confident as he is now, as he enjoys those precious moments in life — like taking his son to school each day sober and helping to coach his son in soccer. 

These are just a few of the many successful graduates of the Narconon Program. We are proud of them for creating a new life for themselves and giving back to their families, communities and society.

Narconon International is a nonprofit organization located in Los Angeles, California, whose mission is to facilitate a solution to the growing worldwide drug epidemic by providing the materials and support needed by individual centers to deliver the Narconon Program as well as providing drug information and education to millions of people a year through its outreach programs and internet presence. For more information, visit

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Narconon, a nonprofit, worldwide drug and alcohol rehabilitation and education program, was established in 1966. The program is based on discoveries of humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. Narconon centers exist in 40 locations across 18 countries.

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