Narconon Centers Celebrate 55th Anniversary of the Narconon Program

On Friday, Feb. 19, 2021, the worldwide Narconon network of drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers reached a remarkable milestone: 55 years of saving lives

Narconon International Celebrates 55th Anniversary

In celebration of the 55th anniversary of the Narconon program, Narconon centers around the world honored their dedicated staff who, despite a global pandemic, provide a real solution to those suffering from addiction. The anniversary marks more than half a century of dedicated service by Narconon staff to tens of thousands of individuals, helping them build new lives and restoring them to their families.

In these times of unprecedented health crises, healthcare providers and other frontline workers risk their lives daily. Countries have faced lockdowns, rising hospital admissions, and economic turmoil on a scale not witnessed in over a century. As the death toll from COVID-19 continues to rise, opioid-related deaths have skyrocketed. In the United States alone, there have been over 81,000 overdose deaths between May 2019 and May 2020, the highest number ever recorded in a 12-month period.

Through it all, Narconon staff have worked diligently to safeguard their centers from the pandemic while continuing to fight this growing wave of addiction.

As Aleksandra Dimevska, Executive Director Narconon Balkan, stated, "With the events of this past year, I can see our help is needed now more than ever before. I have the honor of serving Narconon Balkan for 14 years. I cannot imagine working with a better team."

Every graduate of the Narconon program is a story of courage and heroism. Each individual successfully completing the program and building a new life free from drugs is a testament to their own perseverance and the commitment of Narconon staff members serving them.

To commemorate this anniversary, Narconon centers around the world — from the Republic of North Macedonia to the United States, from Italy to Nepal, and many countries in between — acknowledged their dedicated staff members for bringing a much-needed message of hope to families and community members.

David Judice, Executive Director of the flagship center Narconon Arrowhead, shared, "Coming through a year filled with seemingly insurmountable adversity, the staff at Narconon Arrowhead is proud that we've continued to save lives without missing a beat — using the life skills the Narconon program provides addicts to enable them to confront the tough times in life, to be responsible for improving their condition, by making right choices, even when those choices aren't the most comfortable ones. The staff is proud to be part of a group that, for 55 years, has continued to provide a solution to the drug problem on this planet."

For over half a century, Narconon has been a leader in drug-free treatment with its unique New Life Detoxification regimen and life skill tools that have helped thousands of graduates build new lives. Narconon's success shows there is hope for those struggling with addiction. It is possible to live drug-free for good.


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