Nail POP Play Announces the Smallest Nail Art Printer

Not just a press-on nail.

Nail POP Play has launched a campaign through Indiegogo. Nail POP Play, developed by DSGlobal, is a mini portable nail beauty device that allows everyone to create their own unique design for their nails every day.

Meet Nail POP Play

With rapidly changing trends and interest in beauty, more people are growing interest in nail art especially in the teenager group. Consumers in a diverse range of ages now see nail art as a way of expressing their individuality and fashion, opting for fancier and self-created designs. Nail POP Play was developed with the purpose of following the trend of nail art lovers' desire to stand out. Using the device and app, the users can easily access many designs from professional nail artists and communities, and print the selected design instantly to make a nail art.

The best feature of Nail POP Play is that the users can even customize their own unique design using various colors, patterns, and even photos from their phone. They can set themselves apart from other similar or boring designs from ordinary nail stickers. With Nail POP Play, users can expand their creativity and wear their own and only brand-new unique nail every day.

Key Features

  1. Customize Designs & Daily Styling - Create self-designed nail art using the app and print it out. Installing the app allows everyone to customize the design, including various colors, diverse patterns or even photos from the phone.
  2. Portable - The Nail POP device is ultra-compact and light (only weighing 420g) so it can be conveniently carried around and fits perfectly into a bag.
  3. Safe - Nail POP paper is composed of eco-friendly material, polyurethane. The paper is durable and highly elastic. The paper has complied with U.S. FDA test regulations.
  4. Rich Color - Dye-sublimation printing technique makes Nail POP's printed images and the color natural and smooth. The printed outcomes are almost identical to the image and this technique prevents ink smudging while having a wide range of colors including gold and silver.
  5. Water-resistant - Nail POP paper is water-resistant. The users can wash their hands and it will not come apart easily.

Wide Range of Usability

  1. Nail & Mini Nail Mode - Nail mode is easy and approachable for both adults and kids. Enjoy the unique designed nail art anytime and anywhere
  2. Photo Mode - Nail POP Play can print photos. Users can decorate their space with their favorite celebrities and athletes or make a photo book filled with memories.
  3. Label Mode - Various labels of all designs can be printed as well. Attach the labels to belongings or things that need to be organized.
  4. Sticker Mode - Equipping the sticker cartridge allows the users to print stickers. Users can print out any stickers to decorate their phones or laptops. Stickers can be printed in various shapes and sizes including circle, square and rectangles.

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Source: DSGlobal