NücleoGenex Officially Opens the United Kingdom for Business

NücleoGenex, a company supplying DNA-based personalized nutrition as well as unique gut health technologies, has finalized Nucleogenex Limited inside the United Kingdom.

Where most Direct Selling companies sell their products within the U.K. as NFR (Not for Resale), Nucleogenex is now officially in business for affiliate opportunities, including its Nucleo Professional Program for doctors and practitioners. 

"We are extremely excited to finally be able to grow our network of affiliates within the U.K. as a next giant step in our international expansion efforts," said NücleoGenex CEO Robert Oblon. "We wanted to ensure that our products and opportunity had full acceptance and approvals, which now include fulfillment from inside the U.K., full product approvals and even selling with the local currency."

The U.K. expansion now includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for the Nucleogenex line of products that include The Triad and its customized DNA-based supplement called Utrition®. 

"I am personally very excited to open International markets, beginning with the U.K., as the need for our incredible products are not inclusive to the U.S.," said Laura Oblon, President of Nucleogenex, who is spearheading global expansion. "Having built teams all over the world, I understand the need and significance of launching our business as a business and not just NFR, which coincides with our long-term legacy goals."

Nucleogenex is aggressively targeting international expansion with full business operations and product approvals, and specifically where there are Direct Selling leaders on the ground in those specifically targeted countries.

About NücleoGenex

NücleoGenex is DNA-based, personalized nutrition. Using patented, proprietary technology allows for the ability to compound nearly 400 million unique supplement formulas based on a single individual's DNA. 

For more information on NücleoGenex, visit www.nucleogenex.com.

Source: Nucleogenex