Myron Mixon Releasing Updated BARQ Pellet Smoker With New Features

Barbecue innovation meets digital technology for an updated BARQ smoker that's sure to out-grill the competition

Pellet Smoker

Myron Mixon Smokers is proud to announce the soon-to-be-released, updated BARQ pellet smoker, which will be available for purchase later this month. Added features of this fan-favorite electric smoker include a Wi-Fi-enhanced PID controller for better regulation of temperatures and to help prevent temperature swings, as well as a downloadable app that allows for better control without having to open the grill hood.

The BARQ pellet grill is available in three sizes and varieties, including a transportable small pellet grill and a more stationary large pellet grill. According to the team at Myron Mixon, the BARQ offers the best of both worlds, bridging together elements of both a smoker and a standard grill to help achieve exceptional flavors and textures.

Pellet smokers work by electrically igniting wood pellets and then feeding that smoke into the cook chamber. It combines both smoker and grill technologies, allowing users to cook either low and slow or hot and fast depending on what they’re trying to produce—an ideal scenario for cooks who want to experiment with various cooking methods without investing in more than one BBQ implement.

With the addition of a PID controller and app connectivity, the grilling experts at Myron Mixon hope the BARQ pellet grill will epitomize the new standard for future temperature-controlled smoker options. By controlling the ability to feed or restrict heat as needed, users can achieve the same level of consistency and intense smoky flavor every time they use the grill.

Interested readers are invited to contact Myron Mixon Smokers today to learn more about the new features, and to check out the updated BARQ pellet smoker upon its release later this summer.

About Myron Mixon Smokers

Georgia-based Myron Mixon Smokers was founded by Myron Mixon himself, leading barbecue champion and author of two New York Times best-selling cookbooks. The Myron Mixon pitmaster BBQ grill and smoker collection features a wide selection of innovative products optimized for at-home, competitive, and restaurant use, with no detail spared in ensuring that users get the best BBQ every single time.

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