Myeyewear2go: Why Choose Reading Glasses with Real Glass Lenses?

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​You have all sorts of options when buying reading glasses. This includes not only what the frames look like, but what the material is for the lenses. Real glass lenses are still a valid option when you are talking about the material for the lenses. This has to be a decision that you make in advance. The main reason for this is because glass is not the most common material any longer and may not even be offered based on where you shop for your lenses. Instead, many locations have chosen to go with plastic or polycarbonate because of its low price point.

So, why choose reading glasses made with real glass?

It's a Personal Preference

Everyone has a preference on what their glasses look like. You may think of it in terms of frames, first. For example, you may gravitate towards an aviator, a hipster, or even a sporty style frame. This is definitely a start when choosing what your glasses are going to look like. After all, you're going to be wearing them for a great deal of time and it's going to impact what you look like when you go anywhere.

You can choose from top brands such as:

As for the material that goes inside, you may want to choose glass because of the aesthetic as well as the thin design you can achieve. If you have a prescription that would give you “Coke bottle” lenses, you can choose a high index glass that will allow you to avoid that kind of aesthetic.

Knowing Your Options

According to the Vision Council, lens materials can vary considerably. Only about 6 percent of the lenses made today are made with real glass. Going with real glass lenses can provide you with something unique, professional, and timeless.

If you didn't get glass, what are your options?

  • Composite
  • Standard plastic
  • Polycarbonate

While there are various levels to the plastic and polycarbonate, they can all scratch relatively easy. Glass, however, is extremely scratch resistant.

With glass lenses, the light doesn't refract as much, either. This can provide better overall vision. If you have ever worn glasses with plastic lenses, you may have noticed that some color dispersion takes place. You're not going to experience this kind of problem with glass – and for some people, this is reason enough to spend the extra money on high quality glass lenses.

They're Resilient

Many people argue that glass is easy to break. While it can be, you have to consider that you are in the market for reading glasses. As such, there is a low chance of you being involved in a lot of activity when you are wearing them. They will probably be taken out when you are sitting down to read a menu at a restaurant, on the couch when reading a magazine, or in bed when reading a book.

As a matter of fact, glass lenses aren't going to be easy to break as long as you take care of them.

In the end, they can be well worth the investment. Yes, you will pay more for the glass lenses upfront. However, it can provide you with a great look that can last for many years, especially if your prescription has remained the same for a while now. You want to make sure your vision is never compromised. Although there are more common materials for lenses, eye doctors will still agree – glass is the way to go if you can afford it.

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