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Hudson Optical Hi- Def Series 63 Eyeglasses

Perhaps you're of the age where the thought of glass bifocal lenses sounds like something your grandparents once wore. Maybe your grandparents still wear them and tell you they prefer them over any other type of lens.

Now that you may need bifocals at a relatively young age, don't think glass lenses are going to make you look older. This is a major misconception about glass, especially when being forced to wear bifocals.

Technology has advanced and now you can find progressive glass lenses, giving you something blending with tradition while looking very modern.

At your age, this should give you solace. Finding these type of lenses, though, can sometimes become a challenge at an affordable price.

Here at Myeyewear2go, we offer progressive glass lenses through numerous eyewear styles, including sunglasses. Take a look at what's available and why progressive glass is the best option for looking more stylish.

Why Should You Choose Progressive Lenses?

These type of lenses remove the standard lines your grandparents had to endure on their bifocals. Progressive lenses provide seamless lens power integration so you can easily see up-close or at a distance.

When worn, you won't have to worry about adjusting your head to see something to read, or to see a distant road sign. While lined bifocals still exist, progressive lenses have changed the entire eyewear industry for more convenience.

Consider progressive lenses a major benefit to safety as well. Doing head tilts while driving could easily cause a distraction that isn't always safe when in heavy traffic. It's the same if you have to move your head up or down to read something up close while working in busy areas.

Your eye care practitioner can create a corridor of lens power based on your particular vision needs. This allows your eyes to better adjust for proper viewing at all distances. Progressive lenses help eliminate the problem of image jump with a more smooth and seamless flow between seeing distances.

What Are the Advantages of Glass Lenses?

Merging progressive lenses with glass is one of the best things that can happen to your glasses. You really can't find glass lenses anymore, other than a few rare places. We sell them here at Myeyewear2go, and they're something to consider seriously if you need bifocals soon.

No matter what you hear about glass lenses no longer being necessary in the age of plastic, think again. For bifocals, especially, glass lenses bring a strong optical purity you can't achieve with anything else.

The thickness level of glass lenses makes for a cleaner appearance and eliminates dispersion issues. Plus, glass doesn't scratch as you'd experience with other materials. When working around conditions where scratching could become prevalent, you'll have full protection.

Thanks to glass being cheaper as well, you can get a good bargain while still looking good. Basically, merging progressive lenses with glass is the best of all worlds since you're creating a better field of vision for yourself with slightly thinner lenses.

So what kind of bifocals do you prefer with progressive glass? Here's some examples of what you can find through our online store.

Kate Spade Elisabeth Glasses

To show how affordable progressive glass eyewear is, take a look at stylish Kate Spade Elisabeth glasses, available in the $200 range.

These give you trendy rectangular frames that many people prefer today. The benefit to this is the ability to fit any type of face shape, which is beneficial while doing physical jobs.

Thanks to acetate being the main material on the frames, you're already getting something lightweight. Despite glass lenses being slightly heavier, it won't feel like a giant weight on your face with acetate frames. You'll appreciate this when working in environments where you need as much eyewear comfort as possible.

Kate Space Elisabeth glasses come with a carry case and cleaning cloth, along with numerous customization options.

Hudson Optical Glasses

For an even more affordable option, try the Hudson Optical Hi-Def Series 63 pair. With an oval full rim metal frame, you get another stylish frame shape for any age group. No more do bifocals have to look like they're made in an old-fashioned style to keep you from looking trendy.

The highlight with the Hudson Optical glasses is their extreme comfort. If you still think glass lenses are going to become a burden, lightweight frames help them stay comfortable all day long.

Hudson makes this easier with wrap temples and spring hinges for a perfect fit. Plus, you can customize the frame dimensions. We can do this through eye, bridge, and temple measurements when you place an order.

Frame colors come in graphite, khaki, and metallic brown.

What About Sunglasses?

It's possible to buy progressive glass lens sunglasses as well. These come in bifocal form if you need to wear sunglasses for outdoor jobs.

For instance, you may need sunglasses for a delivery job, or while working outdoors in a manufacturing facility. No matter what you use these for, you're guaranteed quality with the right features and brand.

Smith Optics Captain's Choice sunglasses are some of the best out there with progressive glass lenses. We offer them through our online store in the $179-$229 range.

A highlight on Smith Optics sunglasses is the polarized lenses and anti-reflective coatings. Glass can already add to the anti-reflective features, and the hydroleophobic lens coatings add to the superior optics.

Another great feature is the easy customization on fit, helped in part with lens curvature and stainless steel spring hinges. As with the others mentioned above, frame dimensions have easy customization by request.

Specialty Glasses

You can find progressive glass lens sunglasses for more than just recreational use. For use as specialty or safety glasses, these are just as superior.

Smith Optics provides glasses like these, complete with many of the same features. The Captain's Choice models provide ample field of view, including an 8-base wrap for all-day glare protection. Your job may depend on lenses like this, and integrating this technology with glass and progressive technology makes for a perfect pair of glasses.

Various lens tints are available for these, giving you a chance to personally stylize your sunglasses so nobody will even know you're wearing bifocals.

Choosing Your Frame Size

When you shop with us for progressive lens glasses, you can pick the frame size you need so you're not stuck with a "one size fits all" mentality. You're already going to enjoy the optics of glass lenses, but picking a frame best fitting your head shape is all the more important.

Those of you with larger head sizes can rest easy that many of the above Smith Optics sunglasses have large sizes for fit convenience. Just because you're buying online doesn't mean you have to sacrifice features for comfort level.

Picking a Lens Color

As you can see, the progressive lens sunglasses above give you some unique lens color choices. However, you can add even more lens colors for further stylizing. It's possible to get color options like blue, bronze, brown, clear, green, grey, and rose.

Here at Myeyewear2go, we're here to help answer any more questions you have about progressive glass lenses and how useful they are in eyewear today.


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