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High Quality Glass Lens Reading Glasses

​As people grow older, their normal distance vision may not weaken, yet many individuals will lose the strength of their near vision, called presbyopia. Blurred near vision will hamper activities such as reading, sewing, computer work, and other hobbies requiring close-up, detailed vision. This naturally occurring phenomenon results from the loss of flexibility of the eye lens and will generally begin to occur around the age of 40 years old.

The first sign that you may need reading glasses is usually when a person must move reading material further away from the line of sight in order to achieve proper focus. If you enjoy reading or spend a great deal of time performing tasks that require good near-vision (like hobbies or reading small text on your smartphone), there are reasons to consider reading glasses with real glass lenses.

Benefits of Quality Reading Glasses

Reading glasses are often the answer to tired eyes that are less flexible when adjusting between near and far distance sight requirements. Mistakenly, people may buy off-the-shelf reading glasses made of inferior lens materials (cheap plastics) that will distort the vision and increase eye stress. Also, the inexpensive materials used to manufacture the frames of cheaper reading glasses may have you soon regretting that drug store or supermarket purchase.

Quality reading glasses made of glass, on the other hand, will apply the same strength to both eyes, and take into account the optimum line of sight for the individual, placing the center of focus at the best position to provide superior visual acuity. For these reasons, the best (and only) solution for quality reading glasses is those constructed of premium glass lens materials.

Benefits of Reading Glasses with Real Glass Lenses

Real glass lenses offer the perfect material for reading glasses, especially since these are not usually very strong prescriptions, which mean the heavier weight of the glass is not a deterrent. Consider other benefits to choosing glass lens material for your next pair of reading glasses:

  1. Highly scratch-resistant compared to other lens materials that scratch easily and require an additional coating.
  2. Glass lenses retain their shape at extreme temperatures and will not warp when left out in the sun.
  3. Highest optical clarity is obtained from glass lens — they provide a clearer crisper visual experience.
  4. Glass lenses have a higher index than plastic lenses, making them slightly thinner and more attractive looking.
  5. Low maintenance and cleaning as glass does not attract dirt and dust like plastics and does not require special cleaning cloths or solutions.
  6. Glass lenses possess an inherent appearance of quality — they are optically pure and appear cleaner.

Since reading glasses are rarely put through the rough and tumble of activity that may cause impact or breakage, glass is considered the best choice by far.

Handy Options for Reading Glasses

Find a quality eyewear manufacturer to see if the following reading glasses features or frames are offered for your comfort and convenience:

  • Full Lens Readers - feature full-framed reading glasses, which is preferred by many for hobbies and general close vision use.
  • Half Lens Readers - used typically for those who prefer to look over the frame for distance sight while wearing reading glasses.
  • Prism Reading Glasses - for those with limited mobility or for reading in bed to relieve neck cramps and eye strain
  • Lighted Reading Glasses - contains a beamed light source, perfect for reading in bed without disturbing your partner.
  • Safety Reading Glasses - manufactured with impact-resistant safety glass and side shields

Correcting your near vision will reduce eye strain symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, and the constant 'squinting'. Contact us for a wide range of affordable reading glasses with real glass lenses.



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