MyEyewear2go Offers Prescription Motorcycle Glasses that Use Transition Lens Technology

Bobster Spektrax Convertible Sunglasses

​Motorcyclists depend upon a number of different pieces of equipment and accessories to keep them safe. Among them, particularly for near-sighted riders, prescription motorcycle glasses with new transition lenses can be particularly effective.

Riders need to see everything that is going on whilst driving, including seeing debris in the road, navigating through traffic, and reading traffic signs. If vision is impaired in any way, it can be problematic and lead to accidents on the road.

The benefit to transition lenses is that they serve multiple purposes. They serve as traditional eyeglasses and the lenses then transition into sunglasses. This makes it easier for motorcycle riders to drive during the day and at night. There is no need to maintain two separate pairs of glasses – traditional eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses.

At MyEyewear2go, there is a large inventory of prescription motorcycle glasses with new transition lenses available. These include top manufacturers such as Wiley X and Bobster. Upon choosing the desired frames, they are then personalized with the prescription and various types of lenses can be chosen. Polycarbonate is the most common material used for the lenses, as it will not break easily.

Various Wiley X models are available including Gravity, XL-1, and Twisted. Each include an array of features, including shatterproof lenses that block 100% of UV A and B rays. The gasket blocks out light, wind, dust, and debris. Additionally, there is a secure fit, which makes it easier for eyes to be protected against the various hazards, even at high speeds. Wiley X also features unique removable facial cavity seals technology.

Bobster makes goggles, which include an adjustable goggle strap as well as sweat-absorbing foam that wraps around the complete frame. These are low-profile enough to fit underneath a motorcycle helmet and ensure no debris is capable of blowing into the eyes while driving. “These have been really amazing, and the color matches my helmet and gear perfectly,” comments one customer.

Motorcycle drivers need to choose eyeglasses that make sense for them and their driving habits. While some will appreciate the more standard options as offered by Wiley X, others will prefer goggles. It is a matter of preference, and everyone will be able to find what they're looking for at MyEyewear2go.

The transition lenses will make it easier for drivers to be able to stay on the road throughout the day and night without having to change glasses. The lenses will transition into a darker color when the sun is shining. In areas of dim lights, the lenses will be clear, allowing vision to be un-hindered.

The cost of transition lenses has come down dramatically over the past several years. This is making it possible for more people to take advantage of transition lenses, including specific motorcycle riding eyewear.

With the various makes and models on the market, motorcycle riders will be able to choose from an array of frame colors and lens colors. They will have the ultimate protection against UV rays and enjoy a comfortable fit on the glasses themselves.

Many of the glasses also come with a zippered case, leash cord, and cleaning cloth in order to care for the glasses throughout the year. This will ensure that lenses are less likely to scratch.

For the month of December, customers can use coupon code SMRPT during checkout in order to receive 15% off their purchase. The entire inventory can be found on the website, and customization is possible in a variety of ways.


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