The Best Way to Clean Your Nike Eyeglass Frames

​Investing in Nike eyeglass frames is a superb means of improving vision while enhancing personal style. Proper care and cleaning, can extend the life of eyeglasses and ensure a sense of style and professionalism. Below is a look at some of the culprits that can lead to dull, dirty eyeglass frames and ten steps to keeping Nike eyeglass frames in immaculate condition.

Why Is It so Important to Keep Nike Eyeglass Frames Clean?

In addition to providing valuable utility in positioning eyeglass lenses, frames play a key role in shaping face and conveying personal style. Keeping them properly cleaned and maintained, Nike eyeglass frames will enhance appearance and capture the attention of admirers. Here are the top three reasons why it is important to keep Nike eyeglass frames clean:

1) Clean frames contribute to a sharp, professional appearance.

2) Cloudy frames can hinder the stylish appearance of eyeglasses.

3) Clean eyeglass frames show an attention to detail.

Identifying the Key Culprits Behind Dirty Eyeglass Frames 

The foundation of immaculate eyeglass frames is awareness of the elements that can cause Nike eyeglass frames to lose their luster. Dust, hair products, and makeup are among the most common culprits that can overshadow the beauty of Nike eyeglass frames. Below are some of the top contributors to dull, lackluster eyeglass frames:

Makeup: Foundation, mascara, blush and eye shadow can all easily transfer to eyeglass frames

Hair Gel: Eyeglass frames that come into contact with hair can become clouded with hair gel

Hair Spray: Applying hair spray before or after putting on glasses can make frames dull

Soap: Failure to wipe away soap residue after cleaning glasses is a primary culprit

Water: Rain, mist, and water droplets can cause frames to look dull and spotty

Oil: Touching skin and then adjusting  glasses can transfer oil to frames

Dirt and Dust: Tiny dust particles can gradually accumulate to give cloud eyeglass frames

Ten Steps to Attaining Pristine Nike Eyeglass Frames 

Sticking to a regular cleaning regimen can keep eyeglass frames in immaculate condition. Failure to properly care for frames can result in scratches, accumulation of dirt, and a dull finish. Below are ten steps to help achieve and maintain pristine Nike eyeglass frames:

1) Gather the supplies needed to clean Nike eyeglass frames. Before jumping into the cleaning process, make sure to have all of the supplies needed. Here is the short list of items needed to clean frames:

  • Lukewarm water
  • Lotion-free dishwashing liquid
  • Two completely clean, lint-free towels
  • Secure eyeglass storage case

2) Thoroughly wash and dry hands. Hands are frequently exposed to dirt, oil, and bacteria that can interfere with the process of cleaning eyeglass frames. Be sure to clean hands with a lotion-free soap or liquid dishwashing soap. Dry hands completely with a clean, lint-free towel before handling frames.

3) Run frames under lukewarm water and apply a drop of lotion-free soap. After applying a drop of soap to each temple, begin to gently rub each section of frame with a finger. Make sure that the soapy mixture is applied to each part of frames in order to ensure a thorough cleaning.

4) Carefully rinse frames. Make sure to remove all traces of soap during the rinsing process. Once you have thoroughly rinsed frames, gently shake them to get rid of the majority of any water droplets that remain on them.

5) Dry Nike eyeglass frames with a clean cloth. The type of cloth used to dry frames is especially important. Failure to use a completely clean, lint-free cloth to dry frames can erase cleaning efforts and may even scratch frames.

6) Pay special attention to trouble spots on frames. Certain areas of eyeglass frames are likely to accumulate more debris and oil than others. In general, there are three trouble spots where dust and skin oil are likely to build up. These three areas may warrant extra attention during the cleaning process:

  •     The ends of the temples that are positioned behind each ear
  •     The edge of the frame that encompasses lenses
  •     Any segment of frame that comes into regular contact with hair

7) Make sure not to ignore lenses. Cleaning Nike eyeglass frames without cleaning lenses is like putting on lipstick without brushing teeth. Failure to clean eyeglass lenses can negate all efforts to keep frames in pristine condition. Fortunately, the same lotion-free soap can be applied to frames to clean lenses.

8) Always be armed with a clean cloth. Carrying a soft, clean microfiber cloth is one of the best steps to take to keep Nike eyeglass frames looking clean and sharp. Keeping a cloth on hand is a simple, cost-effective way to prolong the life of eyeglass frames. Specifically, a cloth serves the following two purposes:

  • The cloth provides an effective means of keeping frames clean while on the go
  • Cloth can be used to cover glasses

9) Engage in regular preventive maintenance. In addition to taking daily steps to keep frames clean, eyeglass wearers should establish a preventive maintenance schedule to ensure that frames are kept in tip-top condition. Preventive maintenance can be performed on own by carefully inspecting frames for the presence of scratches, discoloration, dullness, or more significant damage. 

10) Do not underestimate the role of proper storage. Investing in a high-quality protective eyeglass storage case is the best way to protect and preserve Nike eyeglass frames. Always make sure that glasses are clean before placing them in a protective case. Keep frames clean and protected by wrapping them in a clean cloth or handkerchief and stowing them away in a secure location if no case is available. Until storage case is located, do the best to avoid the following pitfalls: 

  • Avoid placing frames on a bathroom countertop while you are showering or applying makeup
  • Resist the urge to wear eyeglasses on top of head where hair product can collect
  • Avoid placing eyeglasses lens down on a countertop or table
  • Do not place frames on any unstable or moving object
  • Never sit eyeglass frames down next to a sink, tub, or stove 
  • Enjoy the Benefits of Flawless Nike Eyeglass Frames

Keeping eyeglass frames spotless is a great way to enhance appearance in a subtle way. By following the steps above, one can ensure that eyeglass frames retain their luster.



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