'My Snow Blower': Making Snow and Ice Disappear With Nearly Labor-Free Tool

​Living in a northern climate can be daunting during the winter when suddenly snow and ice appear on the scene. But relax, there is a better and less taxing alternative to a shovel or even a snow plow. It is this new tool. My Snow Blower is a unique, lightweight snow-blower that does more than simply move snow – it melts it. An ideal, easily affordable alternative to snow-shovels, snow-scrapers, brushes and brooms, as well as walk-behind snow-throwers and -blowers, My Snow Blower eliminates accumulated snow on automobiles, driveways, steps, walkways, and patios, not only blowing snow away, but also melting snow and stubborn ice for easy removal without back-breaking work.

My Snow Blower is a product line of over-the-shoulder, sling-supported electric and re-chargeable battery powered snow blowers with design and dimensions generally like those of gas or electric leaf-blowers. My Snow Blower delivers air via a high-speed fan and molded nozzle. In the large and small models of My Snow Blower the blowers do not merely deliver air – they deliver hot air via internal incorporation of a gas-burner or electrical resistance heating element. My Snow Blower functions like a household hair-dryer on an industrial scale that can melt away large, deep expanses of snow and ice. Both the small and large-models of My Snow Blower are electrically powered and include a rechargeable battery-pack for use away from a power outlet. In addition, a simple “On/Off” switch would activate the blower, and a “Heat” switch will serve to turn on the heat so My Snow Blower will blow hot air for melting snow and ice away. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in My Snow Blower.

My Snow Blower is Patent Pending and was invented by Raymond Garcia of Chicago, Ill., who said, “This literally makes snow (and ice) disappear, melting it into harmless H2O. What makes My Snow Blower even more valuable to the user is that it also works as a leaf blower in the fall and overall it is useful year-round. It works.”

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