"My Medical History Journal": Records Details of Past-to-Present Individual Health Issues and Treatments

​When it is necessary to go to a new doctor’s office, filling out new patient forms often becomes a brain challenge. There is a method to make this task simpler by documenting past and current medical information. My Medical History Journal is a template-style book, e-book, and app for smartphones and computers, filled with carefully detailed pages especially designed to allow users to record medical histories and similar data, whether prescribed medications or major surgical procedures, from birth to the present day. The design intent is to provide a quick, easy to use reference tool that contains pertinent personal and familial medical information, information that one may otherwise forget.

My Medical History Journal is a template-based, pre-printed book, e-book, and application for smartphones, tablets, and computers, offering several sections for recording and chronicling every detail of a person's medical history. The book form is a compact, diary-type unit with labeled sections for documenting information such as family medical histories, doctors’ visits, medical conditions, surgeries, immunization records, vitamins taken, dietary issues and prescribed medications received over the course of a lifetime. The Medication Section has spaces for drugs prescribed, the date prescribed, and the necessary dosage.  There is also a section included to maintain a record of your vital signs. A Family History Section has designated spaces in which the user records medical information on family members. More importantly, doctors’ visits can be meticulously documented, either while in the physician's office or upon returning home, with questions asked and answered, treatment advice, changing conditions alert and expected side effects of prescribed medications. The back inside cover of the book contains a pocket for storing printed lab reports, etc. The e-book and software application records the same information as the book although it is more compact and able to easily store a lifetime's worth of medical information in one place. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in My Medical History Journal.
The Patent Pending My Medical History Journal was invented by Jacqueline Richburg Burgess of Philadelphia, PA who said, “This journal enables people to be in control of their own health information, and helps them in assisting their doctors when important medical decisions must be made.   Parents can use the journal to record medical incidents, milestones, and doctor visits in the life of a child.  When a child is grown, a parent can pass on the journal to the adult child to continue documentation.  An adult can begin using the journal at any time.   It requires no recall and can be used very effectively by all.”

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