My Jewelry Repair Exhibits New Repair Standards With Custom-Built Setting Lab

Setting Lab's Elite Standards Opens Opportunities for New Prestigious Jewelry Partners

Setting Lab

In an effort to better serve their jewelry repair customers, My Jewelry Repair has announced the completion of its newly custom-built Setting Lab -- which operates within the company's cutting-edge clean environments.

My Jewelry Repair began its jewelry and watch repair by mail service in 2016 and quickly expanded its services throughout the United States, developing an online tool where customers can get the repairs they need from the comfort of their own homes.

My Jewelry Repair has grown into a company that services thousands of retail locations nationwide, processing over half a million repairs a year. The company's new Setting Lab is equipped with top-of-the-line ergonomic desks, innovative tools, state-of-the-art microscopes for viewing watch and jewelry intricacies, not to mention advanced lighting technology that allows specialized master jewelers and certified watchmakers to repair the most difficult pieces a customer might request.

Customers can rest assured that while their item is in the setting lab, it is isolated from any other product, avoiding any contamination with lab-created gemstones as well as any other stones that are not dedicated to the item in progress.

My Jewelry Repair currently partners with prestigious names and brands which require this exact type of environment for their jewelry. Recently, My Jewelry Repair has also just launched their Watch Repair Service Center and has partnered with Montblanc, a world-class luxury watch, pen, leather good, and accessory brand.

"We're continuing to grow and never stopping," says Juan Guevara, CEO of My Jewelry Repair. "We look forward to figuring out more ways to make the jewelry and watch repair process simple and stress-free on our customers."

With such new advances and a seemingly insatiable hunger for growth, My Jewelry Repair continues to position itself at the very top of the watch and jewelry repair trade, in more ways than one.

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