America's Premier Watch Service Center Sets the Stage

Despite Pandemic, State-of-the-Art Watch Repair Service Center Opens for Business

Watchmakers' Desks

My Jewelry Repair maintains the belief that true quality does not come by having one element of the best but is created by combining the best of every element in the watch repair process. By doing so, they are confident they can provide a watch repair service that lives up to the manufacturer's specifications of care by using original parts and the latest equipment. Their new Watch Repair Service Center, although in a class of its own, is not so separate from My Jewelry Repair's adopted culture. Rather, it is an extension of what they have already chosen as a mode of purpose; doing what is necessary to provide the best possible watch repair service for their customers. In order to supply their customers with the highest level of care for their timepieces, they emphasized the technological advances of NASA Level Clean Rooms, extensive natural light, and optimal protection. Each of these elements combines to make their new Watch Repair Service Center the premier watch repair location in all of North America.

Beyond the makeup of My Jewelry Repair's new Watch Repair Service Center, they are also the home to an elite team of watchmakers who have been hand-selected to perform exquisite watch repair for their customers. Your watches will not only be repaired in the best environment, with genuine parts, but also by the best hands. Their watchmakers hold multiple watch certifications, such as WOSTEP and SAWTA, making sure to provide the highest caliber of watch repair possible. Even more specific to My Jewelry Repair's culture, they have developed a team of specialists that ensure all parts they use for your timepiece are genuine and come directly from its given manufacturer. They also ensure all information is accurately recorded and stored in their custom database for each watch that passes through their doors.

For My Jewelry Repair's previous consumers, it means an even higher caliber of watch repair services, such as crystal replacement, movement restoration, and more. For their future consumers, it means an opportunity for their timepiece to undergo an experience only those in foreign lands could supply. In America, we believe in not only competing to be the best but being the best and continuing to raise the bar. My Jewelry Repair believes the same and as they make history, they encourage you to be a part of it.


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Source: My Jewelry Repair