Mvix Unveils New CMS, a Trailblazing Enterprise Software for Digital Signage

Mvix, a leading provider of Enterprise Digital Signage Solutions, has unveiled a new cloud-based software focused on extensive device monitoring, a brand new UI available in 40+ languages, new third-party integrations, and a comprehensive scheduling interface.


Mvix, a leading provider of enterprise digital signage solutions, has launched Mvix CMS, their newest cloud-based software trailblazing the digital signage industry, which focuses on device health management and system security. With a goal to enhance user experience and make digital signage management secure and efficient, Mvix CMS promises a new digital signage experience to users.

As an industry leader since 2005, Mvix is introducing a slew of functionalities aimed at serving networks of 500+ devices. This new version, classified as version 3 or "v3", is designed by an award-winning user experience strategist and is built on the latest tech stack of custom-built, user-first UI. This new CMS interface allows for a streamlined workflow and significantly fewer steps to create and schedule content. The software is fully hosted on the Amazon AWS cloud for scalability and reliability. Mvix CMS's architecture ensures fast loading times while supporting thousands of users and concurrent signage devices.

With over 18,000 clients, Mvix solicited client feedback with the intent of understanding market needs and user stories to deliver a personalized software experience. The new version, built from scratch, took over 14,000 development hours backed by an extensive beta test period of over 4+ months. With 1,000+ professional design templates and 150+ content app themes, it offers state-of-the-art scheduling and robust device management. The newest SaaS also provides a ready-to-use NOC portal for enterprise IT departments.

"As a pioneer in the digital signage industry, Mvix continues its record of innovating early," said Mike Kilian, Executive Vice President of Mvix. "We are confident this new version will extend the boundaries of digital signage into remotely-managed audio, visual, and touch communication channels."

One ground-breaking feature, and the first of its kind, is a new device health dashboard. The dashboard reports real-time diagnostic data from on-field devices, aimed at preemptive troubleshooting for digital signage players. Clients will be able to detect problems before they arise minimizing downtime with players. The new version is compatible with 3rd party hardware (BrightSign, Android-based, mini PC-based, and Raspberry Pi-based players) and screens of all brands, resolutions, and sizes. 

With extensive research indicating the CMS market lacks enterprise-grade security, Mvix enhanced its overall system security for client protection. According to Experian's 2022 Data Breach Industry Forecast, "the cyber threat landscape will be high taking advantage of public and private sector organizations." Therefore, industry-leading authentication techniques have been installed along with new roles and permissions to ensure next-level protection on the new CMS server. Also, an in-app dynamic report builder will allow users to create real-time playback, user engagement, and performance reports.

Other new features of Mvix CMS v3 software include: 

  • Full revamp of CMS-player communication to allocate more resource-intensive tasks to the CMS and to provide smooth, reliable playback
  • 256-bit SSL encryption with all CMS and device communication
  • Integration with OKTA for seamless SAML and AD integration
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Design Gallery with 1,000+ templates included with the basic package

"Mvix Digital Signage Solutions remain unrivaled in the industry. Our products, bundled with the best-in-class client support, have ensured project success for many years," stated Kilian. "With Mvix CMS, we intend to raise the bar and introduce the next level in digital signage experience to our clients."

Mvix CMS v3 is now available for new and existing Mvix clients. Mvix will offer this new version at no additional cost. Clients can choose from a one-time, no-subscription fee option or a small monthly fee option.

About Mvix

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