Mvix Launches a Digital Directory as a Service (DDaaS) Solution

Digital Directory as a Service (DDaaS) is the latest service from Mvix as they aim to provide easy-to-use and innovative solutions to their clients.

Digital Directory as a Service

 Mvix, a leading provider of content-rich digital signage software and full-service solutions, has launched a new and innovative service, DDaaS. At a low monthly service fee of $59, DDaaS aims to eliminate the upfront capital required for digital building directories at office suites, college campuses, multi-tenant buildings and condominiums. DDaaS would include a commercial-grade display, a digital signage media player, mounting hardware and a lifetime access to the cloud-based digital signage software. 

As a pioneer of full-service digital signage with over 15 years of experience and 60,000 screens deployed, Mvix has garnered the experience and capability to provide uniquely packaged, turnkey digital signage solutions bundled with high-quality content. Mvix is proud to announce a new service called Digital Directory as a Service ("DDaaS"). Fundamentally, DDaaS is a "Digital Signage in a Box" solution, that includes a complete hardware and software kit for implementing a digital building directory.

Announcing the launch of this service, Mike Kilian, VP of Client Relations, noted: "Our goal is to "open the door" to a first-class impression for every visitor and resident of that property. Digital directories are an integral part of that first impression."

One of the most attractive aspects of DDaaS is custom design and unlimited content management services included. This service would relieve property managers from the day-to-day management of digital directory content. Additionally, clients could potentially see a tax benefit from this solution as a service offering. "Property managers are facing a unique set of challenges right now. As their business models adjust, Mvix solutions will continue to add value to the management workflow," voiced Mike Kilian. "Evolving service models are the future of our digital signage industry."

Jacqueline Hoffmann, Senior Solutions Consultant at Mvix added: "Mvix is committed to providing our directory customers an all-inclusive service so they can focus their energies working directly with their tenants." As Mvix takes on management responsibilities with this surprisingly affordable service, our end goal is for property managers to "focus on managing your property, not managing your signage."

A great low-cost option to get a digital directory in place without additional fees and extras that are not warranted. Clients can choose to provide their own install or use one of Mvix's partners to help with the installation. Mvix would then provide custom directory design and implementation service to all DDaaS clients.

"Over the years, Mvix has been known for its innovative, market-leading solutions. We are excited to be the first in the industry to offer such an affordable service," said Mike Kilian. 

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Source: Mvix Digital Signage