Mvix Digital Signage Improves Customer Experience at Tamarack Centre

The digital signage solution helped modernize Tamarack Centre and improve the customer experience by helping shoppers navigate easier.

​​​Mvix, a leading provider of content-rich digital signage software and solutions, has implemented digital signage at Tamarack Centre, a 300,000 square foot shopping center in Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada.  

Founded in 1977, Tamarack Centre is home to 39 stores, which include a strong mix of national, regional, and local tenants. It is the predominant shopping center of the East Kootenays — a trade area of over 69,000 people. 

Tamarack Centre implemented three digital signage screens within its property, all managed with the Mvix digital signage software. The digital signage implementation complemented a major aesthetic renovation at Tamarack Centre. The goal of the implementation was to improve customer satisfaction by helping shoppers navigate to stores. 

The Challenge

Tamarack Centre was looking for a way to improve the customer experience and modernize its facility. 

They needed a solution that would:

  • Improve overall customer satisfaction
  • Help customers navigate the shopping center
  • Deploy tenant information promptly
  • Modernize their facility

The Solution

Three digital signage displays were placed at each entrance of the shopping center. ​Mvix's digital signage software powered the digital screens, allowing Tamarack Center to display specific content targeted towards improving customer satisfaction.

The Mvix software provided:

  • Remote access - The Tamarack Centre management team is able to access the software from anywhere. This means the screens can be updated on the go to display the most up-to-date information
  • Unlimited users - The Mvix software allows Tamarack Centre to have multiple admins to access and change their content as needed
  • Content-rich software - The Mvix content library includes over 200 content apps and data integrations, giving Tamarack Centre a variety of content to choose from
  • Advanced content scheduling - Tamarack Centre is able to schedule event listings, sales promotions, reminders, and monthly flyers ahead of time; customizing their screens targets shoppers better

The Result

This digital signage implementation helped Tamarack Centre to create dynamic content for guiding their customers and promoting their tenants. 

"Mvix is one of the best companies I've dealt with in my 20 years of being on a Shopping Centre Management Team," said Linda Birch, Manager of Resource Planning and Management at Tamarack Centre.

The Mvix platform allowed Tamarack Center to:

  • Update their screens with tenant information and promotions
  • Display content to improve the customer experience
  • Schedule content ahead of time and customize it for better targeting
  • Modernize its facility

​Overall, digital signage was a great addition to the Tamarack Centre. It helped modernize their facility and provided a go-to information hub to shoppers, continually improving the customer experience. 

"We're honored Tamarack Centre selected our platform to improve their customer satisfaction. It's been a pleasure working with them to implement their digital signage and achieve their operational goals," said Jacqueline Hoffmann, Solutions Consultant at Mvix.​

To read the detailed case study, download a free copy here.

About Mvix

Mvix is a leading provider of content-rich digital signage software and solutions. To date, their platform powers over 50,000 active screens for clients including Virginia Tech, NASA, Sodexo, Discovery Channel, Crowne Plaza and the University of Washington. The use cases include employee communication, wayfinding, emergency messaging and customer communications.

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Source: Mvix Digital Signage