Mvix Digital Signage Helping Patients & Staff at Prairie Ridge Integrated Behavioral Healthcare Become Fluent in the Language of Recovery

Prairie Ridge Integrated Behavioral Healthcare - a highly accredited behavioral treatment agency that's been serving the Midwest for over 40 years - selects Mvix to power the digital signage screens in their state-of-the-art Mason City, IA facility.

​Prairie Ridge Integrated Behavioral Healthcare is a private, not-for-profit corporation providing quality addiction treatment and prevention services to individuals and families throughout the Midwest. The agency started in 1969 as a grassroots effort to help those suffering from addiction, and has evolved into a preferred provider of prevention and treatment services in the Midwest.

In fact, they were one of the first agencies in Iowa to provide gender-specific treatment for adults with substance abuse issues and co-occurring disorders. This is just one of the initiatives that sets them apart as a leader. Their proven evidence-based prevention and treatment options include residential programs, low-intensity and high-intensity outpatient services, as well as relapse-prevention training, individual and group counseling, and 12-Step meetings.

One key aspect of treatment is keeping patients on track throughout the day. The digital signage network in our facility is doing a great job of assisting our patients with their schedules without using paper.

Mark Harrington, IT Coordinator

Substance abuse costs the United States more than 346 billion dollars per year -- this is more than the expense of cancer and diabetes combined. In order to contain such health care costs, the health care industry is disseminating effective support tools to reduce substance abuse and the burden of substance use disorders. Information and communication technology (ICT) is one such tool.

Early research on the efficacy of ICTs in helping clinicians work with patients to manage addiction is promising. Studies show that patients acknowledge more drug use and psychiatric symptoms online than in face-to-face interviews. They are more comfortable with the anonymity of digital screens than face-to-face interviews. Digital signage is one of the ICTs. Displaying information such as skills to achieve and maintain abstinence and improve social functioning boosts motivation among patients.   

“One key aspect of treatment is keeping patients on track throughout the day,” said Mark Harrington, The IT Coordinator at Prairie Ridge. “The digital signage network in our facility is doing a great job of of assisting our patients with their schedules without using paper.”

Digital signage screens are helping current and new patients become familiar with the recovery process. Brochures can be easily ignored or overlooked, but a large display cannot. They demand the attention of the patients. The screens are also beneficial to counselors. Typically, they have to repeat basic information multiple times, deal with difficult patients, and tackle emotionally draining issues. They burn out. With digital signage, the counselor can offload the routine or standard information to a large display, and they’ll have more time to focus on individual patient needs.

Prairie Ridge’s digital signage network comprises screens in three different location within the facility. Screens in the reception area display welcome messages and showcase local community outreach efforts. In the staff lounge, the screens are being used for employee communication. Displaying company events, industry updates and the agency’s coverage in the news keeps staff informed about their employer, making them better in-the-know ambassadors for the agency. They keep employees engaged, and make them feel included.

Screens in the men’s and women’s residential areas have replaced the traditional bulletin boards. They are being used to educate patients, ensuring a continuing flow of helpful information.

The return on objectives (ROO) of Prairie Ridge’s digital signage network has been great.

“We have seen a decrease in the amount of effort required to disseminate information,” said Mark Harrington, the IT Coordinator at Prairie Ridge. “We’ve become more nimble and are able to display up-to-date information that’s relevant to patients, staff and visitors.”

Mark and his team also appreciate the ability to manage the entire network from one access point. Mvix’s digital signage platform is cloud-based and can be accessed from any internet-enabled computer. This allows Mark to make changes on the fly and ensure that the right message is being displayed at the right time and to the right people.

“Prairie Ridge Integrated Behavioral Healthcare has developed a reputation of quality in their care and processes,” said Mike Kilian, the Mvix Director of Business Development. “We’re honored to provide a technology tool that’s helping them improve their care for their patients and staff alike.”