MusicDealers Returns to Profitability

Update to part of turnaround initiative led by BrandSpins owner Billy Tuchscher

​In November 2016, the beleaguered sync music licensing company was acquired by a technology-based music distribution company called BrandSpins. And within just 6 months, has returned to profitability.

When Chicago-based MusicDealers launched 9 years ago, it was on the cutting edge of technology. It was the first automated platform providing pre-cleared music for Movies, Television Series, Advertising, Video Games, and Online/Social-Media Video. The company built the largest catalog of pre-cleared music in the world. Success soon followed, and companies including Disney, Visa, McDonald’s, Nike, MillerCoors, Airbnb, MTV, CoverGirl, The Olympic Games, Discover Card, HBO, NBC and Netflix all began to aggressively use the platform. Coca-Cola even acquired an interest in the company.

"The key to making this business work is delivering efficiency to the marketplace. ... We're on a path to totally change the way businesses search for and license music for their Film & Video projects. And, we are making music artists a lot of money along the way."

Billy Tuchscher, CEO - BrandSpins

However, in 2016, after booking sales in excess of $15M, the company began to dramatically overextend itself by rapidly expanding its business model to emphasize lucrative custom music creation. It also opened offices in both LA and London. By mid-2016, the shift in strategy and aggressive expansion had outstretched the company's resources and forced the company to seek financial shelter in the bankruptcy courts.

That’s when the owner of Las Vegas-based BrandSpins, Billy Tuchscher, a veteran music industry entrepreneur, recognized the sound business fundamentals and huge market potential of MusicDealers. The demand for music used in TV, Movies, Advertising, Gaming, and Online Video has recently exploded. “The key to making this business work is delivering efficiency to the marketplace,” according to Tuchscher. He has refocused the business back toward automation. This has greatly reduced the time and effort it takes for MusicDealers customers to find and license the music they need.

“We’re on a path to totally change the way businesses search for and license music for their Film & Video projects. And, we are making music artists a lot of money along the way,” Tuchscher added.

As part of its initiative to turn MusicDealers around, the new parent company recently updated to offer instant access to music licensing 24/7 on a worldwide scale. The platform is being streamlined and modernized, allowing for faster uploads, along with immediate licensing and customization of artist pages. MusicDealers has also re-established important relationships with previous Fortune 500 clients. Due to the platform's ease of use and vast catalog (one of the world’s largest), MusicDealers has gained the attention of music supervisors from Major Film Studios, TV Networks, Gaming Companies, and Advertising Agencies.

With MusicDealers' rapid return to profitability and the new focus on automation, Tuchscher’s goal of returning to its position as the top company in the sync-licensing space seems inevitable.


About MusicDealers™ is an award-recognized, music search platform, controlling the world’s largest pre-cleared music catalog, with ‘ready-to-license,’ and ‘broadcast-quality’ tracks in virtually every style and genre from around the world. is the easiest place to find music for use in TV Shows, Major Films, Documentaries, Radio/TV ad campaigns, Video Games, Business Promotions, YouTube and GoPro Videos.’s client list includes: 40 Television Networks/Movie Studios, 50+ Advertising Agencies, and 200+ major brands including: McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Disney, Budweiser, Nike, Visa, HBO, Sony, BMW, Airbnb, Bacardi, MTV, NBC, CBS, The Olympic Games, FIAA World Cup, Converse, Harley-Davidson, The Gap and many others.

About BrandSpins ™

BrandSpins is revolutionizing digital music distribution and adding value to major brands, artists, and consumers. We provide each of our brand partners with their own ‘brand-customized,’ turn-key, digital music store that seamlessly integrates with their existing website. We utilize our deep industry relationships to bring Music's Biggest Stars to eCommerce brands for promotions, social media reach, marketing campaigns, and special appearances.

About Billy Tuchscher

Savvy entrepreneur Billy Tuchscher heads several music companies including BrandSpins and His investment experience includes large-scale real estate projects, developing over 30,000 acres of land, and building resort hotels totaling more than 7,000 rooms. His development projects have also included marinas and golf courses. In the music space, Tuchscher invested in RollingStone, where he controlled the brand and website domains. He also controls numerous digital music and audio technology platforms, and 8 years ago, he founded SempreSocial, a sizable social media management company with an impressive list of music celebrity clients. Tuchscher’s passion is finding existing status quo industries, in which companies fight to protect their old business models, and then applying creative technology solutions to change them.


Krista Bishop Powers

Source: Billy Tuchscher, CEO of and CEO of BrandSpins