MusicDealers Returns 100% of Publishing Rights to Its Artists


BrandSpins acquired music licensing company, in November 2016. MusicDealers is now making history by returning 100% of publishing rights to its 26,000 music artists. was founded in 2008 and grew into a music licensing powerhouse by creating a fully automated platform that allowed advertising agencies, TV networks, and movie studios to find the music they need quickly and efficiently. MusicDealers was the first sync licensing company to provide a robust search for music seekers. The concept of listing the descriptors of a film scene was completely new and original. Today, those seeking music can simply type in over 250 different search elements of a particular video scene like beach, BBQ, afternoon, friends, happy, and will yield the perfect music for advertising, film, video, or a TV series project. The conventional process of finding music to license for a film or video project can take 3 to 6 weeks. The MusicDealers platform is designed to complete a search for the perfect music in minutes or hours, rather than weeks.

The pioneering approach of quickly gained the company a massive following. Brands, like McDonald's, Nike, MTV and Coca-Cola, began to use nearly exclusively. Coca-Cola even invested in the company. The company’s prowess is evidenced by dozens of advertising awards, including Coca-Cola (2012 Olympic Beats Lab - Best Music Experience), Coke Zero (“Make It Possible” Project), CoverGirl (‘Best Use of Music in a TV Advertisement), Airbnb (“Wall & Chain” - LIA Awards), Nike (‘Track My Game Promo’), and Discover Card (NHL’s Day with the Cup - Best Use of Indie Music in TV & Film).

After years of leading the sync music industry with an automated approach, and providing the world’s largest catalog of pre-cleared music for video, MusicDealers was generating $15M in annual sales. However, in 2016, the company shifted focus to creating custom music for big brand partners and special clearances for big movie studio and TV network clients like HBO, CBS, NBC, BET, and Netflix. Moving away from its core competency was apparently a mistake. The company over-invested by expanding staff and opening offices in LA and London. The increase in overhead to accommodate this new direction took a toll on cash reserves.

The repercussions hit quickly, and by mid-2016 the company was forced into a reorganization by its investors. The dire financial situation led to the eventual sale of company assets to BrandSpins, who closed the deal in November of 2016.

The new owner, Las Vegas-based BrandSpins, is a digital music company that boasts a huge music catalog of over 57M songs, representing 99.8% of all music sold. To put the catalog in perspective, Spotify has only 30M songs. Later this year, BrandSpins will launch its private label digital music store platform through their many established eCommerce partnerships. The company will also leverage the social media reach and promotional power of major music stars via its owner’s long-standing industry relationships.

Both companies are headed by savvy music entrepreneur, Billy Tuchscher, whose previous investment experience includes RollingStone, where he controlled the brand and website domains. Tuchscher is also a founder and investor in other music technology platforms, including SempreSocial, a sizable social media management company. As the new CEO of MusicDealers, Tuchscher intends to get the company back to its core by redoubling its automation competency.

Tuchscher’s most recent decision to return publishing rights to artists is bringing much attention to This may have something to do with the new owner’s core ethos. BrandSpins’ mission statement reads in part: “Help artists sell more music, become more famous, and make more money”. Tuchscher explained, “At BrandSpins, we believe that the business of music only exists when great artists create superior quality music. We help artists get their music to market and monetize it, so that they can focus on doing what they love, making more incredible music”.


ABOUT MusicDealers™ is an award-recognized, music search platform, controlling the world’s largest pre-cleared music catalog, with ‘ready-to-license,’ and ‘broadcast-quality’ tracks in virtually every style and genre from around the world. is the easiest place to find music for use in TV Shows; Major Films; Documentaries; Radio/TV ad campaigns; Video Games; Business Promotions; YouTube and GoPro Videos.’s client list includes: 40 television networks/movie studios, 50+ advertising agencies, and 200+ major brands including: McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Disney, Budweiser, Nike, Visa, HBO, Sony, BMW, Airbnb,  Bacardi, MTV, NBC, CBS, The Olympic Games, FIAA World Cup, Converse, Harley-Davidson, The Gap and many others.

ABOUT BrandSpins

BrandSpins is revolutionizing digital music distribution and adding value to major brands, artists, and consumers. We provide each of our brand partners with their own ‘brand-customized’, turn-key, digital music store that seamlessly integrates with their existing website. We utilize our deep industry relationships to bring MUSIC'S BIGGEST STARS to eCommerce brands for promotions, social media reach, marketing campaigns, and special appearances.


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