Multifamily Leadership Unveils New Home in a Netflix Economy for the Industry's Most Innovative Minds

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​​​​​​​Multifamily Leadership, producers of the two highest-level events in the industry, the Multifamily Leadership Innovation Summit and Multifamily Women’s Summit, announced today a new, industry-first streaming platform for subscribers to gain previously untapped access to original content and shows across the topics of innovation, technology and leadership.

The platform,, will feature live event recordings, product launches and real stories from some of the most innovative minds in our industry. Showcasing original content across an array of emerging topics, subscribers will have access to inspiring and authentic stories from key innovators that cannot be found elsewhere. The platform is designed to help career-minded professionals, executives, managers and forward-looking leaders gain access to thought leadership lectures and materials from anywhere and on any device. 

“The conference model has not changed over the last 50 years,” explained Patrick Antrim, CEO of Multifamily Leadership, “but it desperately needs to since it is impossible for busy decision-makers to attend every association meeting, product demo, trade show and industry conference. In fact, many vendors continue to participate in these events, despite experiencing poor results, rising costs and favoritism over exhibit space positioning. Just as Netflix challenged an industry that did not innovate fast enough to survive, we plan to change the game within the multifamily housing sphere, making these resources affordable and accessible to all.”

Leveraging content from a variety of sources, will feature individual channels that will showcase a number of topics such as recruiting, employee retention and general behind-the-scenes insights into the methods leading property management companies utilize. There will even be exclusive content included from MFL’s annual summits: the Multifamily Leadership Innovation Summit and the Multifamily Women’s Summit. The streaming platform places subscribers in the room with keynote speakers, panels and sessions that typically run concurrent at traditional conferences, allowing attendees of these virtual resources to have access to all of the material they desire, as opposed to making a forced decision between panels and missing information vital to their operations. 

Antrim added, “Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and industry innovators just can’t wait for the next conference that will introduce a cutting-edge, new product. However, with more businesses refraining from attending traditional conferences, this new streaming service is a groundbreaking product for many multifamily leaders — simply because there is no other platform on the market designed to reach decision-makers so seamlessly. In addition to providing high-quality content that is frequently updated, we are also introducing a new way for brands to launch products in the multifamily marketplace. This platform will allow innovation to flow, unrestricted from high sponsorship fees and competition with big-budget incumbents. It’s time we bring different innovators of the industry together in a more meaningful and fair partnership.”, streaming binge-worthy content, is now available for subscription.

ABOUT THE MULTIFAMILY STUDIOS: is an industry-first streaming platform, exclusively serving the multifamily housing marketplace. The platform allows subscribers to consume a wide variety of content, from exclusive interviews and conference sessions to product launches. Designed to accelerate thought leadership throughout the industry, the streaming platform opens the doors to authentic stories from key innovators that cannot be found elsewhere, while replacing the current and ineffective conference model. For more information, please visit  

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