Multifamily Experts Raise Capital in Response to Demand Growth

Oceanport Realty Capital Unveiling with Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce

In response to multiple opportunities to invest in real estate and add value through their existing management and consulting firm, Trio Properties' partners Jeff Ferony and Jeremy Browning have launched OCEANPORT Realty Capital LLC ("Oceanport"). Oceanport will be the organization's investment and asset management arm, raising capital with strategic partners to deploy according to the firm's investment strategy. "The formal launch of Oceanport Realty Capital fulfills the original vision we had when we started [Trio] in 2008. As with Trio, we're bringing our expertise, relationships, and incredible staff together to identify opportunity and create value for our organization and our investors." - Jeremy F. Browning, Managing Member.

The two industry veterans will bring together a deep network of real estate professionals, investors, and existing clients to unlock value and investment opportunities. This initiative will be well-supported by the award-winning Trio team, while Oceanport's acquisitions will add to the strength and size of the management firm in kind. "As a related entity, Oceanport enhances Trio's core realty services & management business. We can now be a trusted capital resource for our existing clients. We look forward to participating in select projects while continuing to collaborate on new deals & investments." - Jeffrey T. Ferony, Director & Member. To learn more, visit

Source: OCEANPORT Realty Capital, LLC


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