MTC's Network Surgeon Successfully Performs Bariatric Surgery on World's Heaviest Man in Guadalajara, Mexico

Andres Moreno from Sonora, tipping the scales at 960 lbs, got life-saving bariatric surgery in Guadalajara, Mexico by Dr. Jose Castaneda Cruz.

​​​​​Med Tourism Co, LLC (MTC) is glad to announce that its network bariatric surgeon Dr. Jose Castaneda Cruz gave Andres Moreno, considered the world's heaviest man, a new lease on life by successfully performing the duodenal switch surgery in Guadalajara, Mexico on him.

The potentially life-saving bariatric surgery involved removal of nearly 70% of Moreno's stomach to limit its capacity to hold food as well as dividing the duodenum and connecting it with the intestine in order to alter the digestive process.

This was the first time that obesity surgery was performed by doctors on someone his size. Moreno was a staggering 960 lbs at his peak weight, and had been confined to bed for the past few years. The 37-year old also suffered from several serious co-morbid conditions of obesity.

Dr. Jose Antonia Castaneda is a certified obesity reduction surgeon with training in laparoscopic gastric bypass and advanced bariatric surgery from Centro Médico Teknon in Barcelona, Spain and the International Federation for Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic disorders (IFSO), Buenos Aires, Argentina, respectively. He works with MTC and its unit Mexico Bariatric Services, leading facilitators of weight loss surgery in Mexico.

The fact that routine hospital equipment had not borne as much weight earlier made Moreno's surgery challenging for Dr. Castenada and his team. The anesthesia process was also an area of concern as there had been no precedents of surgery in people as heavy and with as many co-morbid conditions as him.

According to Dr. Castaneda, Moreno will be able to shed almost 90% of the excess weight and come down to 165 to 176 lbs within a year, thanks to the reduced size of stomach and altered absorption system. The surgeon further added that while Moreno's blood pressure levels will come down to normal in a month, he will no longer suffer from high cholesterol and triglyceride levels within three months from surgery.

Dr. Castaneda carried out the weight loss surgery in Guadalajara laparoscopically to minimize complications. He is one of the few bariatric surgeons to perform minimally invasive single incision (SILS) bariatric surgery in Mexico.

Moreno, who has been put on liquid-only diet for a few months, looks forward to the journey ahead and is optimistic of getting out of the "prison" that his own body had become.

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