Medical Tourism Corporation Adds Oasis of Hope Hospital - Tijuana to Its Bariatric Surgery Network in Mexico

The new development is a step taken by the former towards providing holistic care to medical tourists heading south of the border for weight loss surgery.

Oasis of Hope

Dallas, Texas, July 14, 2017 (Newswire) -The medical tourism facilitator expands its horizons through a promising partnership with the Oasis of Hope Hospital, Tijuana for providing affordable and quality weight loss surgery in Mexico.

About Medical Tourism Corporation

This expansion will open up doors for us to provide international clients all-round care at a highly regarded facility in Baja California.

Global Operations Manager, MTC

The Texas-based company is an international medical travel facilitator working with various medical centers, clinics, and hospitals across the globe.

With its mission to make medical tourism a safe, affordable, and positive experience for everyone involved, the corporation works hard to remove confusion, anxiety, and surprise from the process of planning and making a bariatric surgery trip to Tijuana, Mexico. It does the groundwork and research for its clients and helps them plan a hassle-free medical trip.

Its partnership with Oasis of Hope Hospital in Playas de Tijuana is another step forward in the process of making bariatric patients’ journey to the south of the border less daunting.

Aiming to provide exemplary yet pocket-friendly procedures such as gastric bypass and gastric sleeve in Tijuana, Mexico, MTC offers some highly attractive packages to its international patients, helping them reach their health and weight loss goals at a fraction of the prices in their home countries.

Most packages include the following services and features:

  • A Destination Manager to help with travel arrangements, paperwork, and other essential steps, and make their stay free of inconvenience
  • Complimentary transportation from airport/hotel/hospital to make navigation easier
  • Pre-op and post-op tests to check for patient’s status and make sure recovery goes smoothly
  • Hospital stay for multiple nights (depending upon the procedure)
  • Pre and post-op bariatric diet plans tailor-made by the on-site nutritionist to suit each patient’s specific needs
  • Free educational webinars and informative material to help the prospective patients make informed healthcare decisions
  • Membership of their online support group moderated by a US-Registered Dietitian to ensure long term success
  • Free overnight stay in a 5-star hotel in Tijuana

About Oasis of Hope Hospital, Playas de Tijuana

Oasis of Hope is an innovative, well-regarded and all-rounder hospital in Baja California, Mexico which has been providing healthcare facilities for over 50 years.

Due to its wallet-friendly and dependable services, the hospital is good standing among both domestic patients as well as transnational medical tourists. Over 100,000 people hailing from more than 60 nations have frequented this hospital and chosen it from among innumerable options to help them meet their health objectives.

Some features that make it a good option include:

  • Its proximity to the San Diego airport (only 30 minutes)
  • Beach location (Playas de Tijuana) way from the hustle-bustle of the city
  • Modern operating rooms and premium equipment
  • On-site laboratories and speedy results
  • Cafeteria, religious services including a Chapel, television and Free Wi-Fi access, etc.
  • Free phone calls to the US and Canada, keeping in mind the concerned families of the international patients
  • Personalized amenities to meet any particular requirements of bariatric customers

What to Expect

This collaboration between the two client-friendly, cooperative and considerate entities is a gesture of unity and growth. Those looking into bariatric surgery in Tijuana, Mexico have plenty of reason to be optimistic in their ability to achieve world-class care at easy-on-the-pocket rates and start their lives anew.

Source: Medical Tourism Corporation

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