MTC Enhances Its Mexico Weight Loss Surgery Program

As part of its bariatric surgery program in Mexico, MTC now offers Professional Diet Counseling, Free Bariatric Webinars and Online Support Group moderated by a bariatric expert.

US based Medical Tourism Co, LLC (MTC) is elated to enhance its Mexico Weight Loss Surgery Program. From now on clients will also have access to a US Registered Bariatric Dietitian, in addition to one-on-one bariatric consultation on site.

According to the company management, most people considering weight loss surgery in Mexico are self-paying individuals and are seeking discounted prices, besides quality health-care. MTC provides US and Canadian citizens with pocket-friendly bariatric procedures at top hospitals south of the border.

MTC’s US Registered Bariatric Dietitian Katelyn J. Moser Mock has worked in rural and urban, as well as community settings and is part of the team involved in running a successful weight loss surgery program. She is a member of the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and has also served as Lead Bariatric Dietitian at the Ohio State University Medical Center.

MTC’s Mexico Bariatric Surgery Program now includes

1. Educational Webinars with Live Question and Answer Sessions

Guidance on diet, lifestyle changes, pre-  & post-op nutrition, and education on how to make the surgery successful.

2. Pre-and Post-op Educational Guides

For thorough understanding of nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes as well tips for weight loss management and overall bariatric surgery success.

3. One-on-One Live Consultation at the Hospital

Consultation sessions with a qualified and experienced bariatric dietitian to reduce ambiguities regarding pre- and post-op nutrition.

4. Follow-Up Diet and Lifestyle Support via E-Mail and Phone

Clients get access to a US qualified bariatric dietitian to get answers to their specific questions. MTC has also come up with its bariatric surgery support portal, a comprehensive knowledge base on gastric sleeve, bypass and other weight loss surgical procedures.

5. Registered Dietitian Moderated Online Discussions and Q&A Group

Clients get to actively participate in online discussions led by a qualified and registered dietitian on the Mexico Bariatric Services Support Group.

Medical Tourism Corporation Facilitates

1.   Gastric Sleeve Surgery – It is a popular surgical procedure for weight loss involving removal of nearly three-fourths of the stomach to reduce its capacity to hold food.

2.   Gastric Bypass – It is another popular bariatric surgery which gives consistent weight loss if accompanied with behavioral changes and regular exercise. Gastric bypass is a surgical procedure that reduces the size of the stomach and also rearranges the small intestine to make the food "bypass" some parts of the stomach and the small intestine. As a result, the body does not absorb all the calories from the food eaten.

3.   Revision Surgery – Revision surgeries are usually performed on individuals who have had limited weight loss success with gastric band surgery. In such cases, the surgeon can convert lap band to either gastric bypass or gastric sleeve. In individuals with gastric sleeve, revision surgery is used to re-sleeve the gastric pouch which has stretched over a period of time.

People challenged by obesity can now hope to find a better life, enhanced levels of confidence and emotional stability through effective weight loss surgery at affordable prices. Free diet and lifestyle counseling services now offered by MTC will help them achieve their weight loss goals more efficiently. Potential candidates for bariatric surgery in Mexico can obtain a free quote and estimate by visiting their website.

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