Mr. Water Professional Water Treatment Of Hagerstown, Maryland Enjoying Great Success With New Patent Pending Water Softener And Sulfur (Hydrogen Sulfide) Removal System In The Maryland Area!

After filling for this New Patent on his revolutionary water softener and sulfur removal system, owner Scott R. Handy set out to "....fix everybody's smelly well water" with this new one of a kind technology.

"The prospects for this type of system are unlimited" states Mr. Handy, the owner of a professional water conditioning company in Hagerstown, Maryland. Because this new combination cation exchange water softener and closed pressure aeration system is the first of it's kind anywhere in the world, this new technology could be seen as the biggest development in the field of residential water treatment since the automatic water softener was first invented by Emmett Culligan in 1936. This is a major development in water softener and sulfur (Hydrogen Sulfide) removal systems because of it's simplicity and ease of use - and the fact it works without the use of any chemicals like chlorine bleach. It uses the tried and true technology of air injection - using a micronizer (or air pump) to oxidize the repulsive rotten egg odor of sulfur and lets the excess air out of the softener tank by the innovative EcoVent air venting system developed by Mr. Handy. Since air is about 30% oxygen, the system replaces the oxidative properties of sodium hypochlorite bleach. Other than changing some filters and adding softener salt (sodium chloride) or using potassium chloride (salt substitute) as all current water softeners use - no other maintenance on the part of the homeowner is needed. No bleach and water to mix, no pumps to prime if the solution runs out, and no chlorine taste or smell in the treated water. Previous air injection systems required the installation of an air retention tank that needed periodic cleaning of oxidized iron and manganese deposits because they had no way to clean themselves by way of backwashing or regeneration with salt solutions - now that has all changed! Hard water, iron/manganese removal, sediment and sulfur removal are now possible with the EcoSoft Water Treatment Systems® Automatic Water Softener (includes 30 micron prefilter and GAC (carbon) postfilter) w/ EcoVent. It looks as if water treatment and conditioning equipment may have changed forever! Company website is