Heavy Duty EcoSoft Water Treatment Systems® Now Have EcoVent Air Injection Technology!

The State of Maryland has wide array of water quality problems that can now be solved with a Patent Pending water softening & purification technology called EcoVent. Water softeners & filters are the beneficiary of this revolutionary new system.

Mr. Water Professional Water Treatment of Hagerstown, Maryland now has a unique and very useful innovation in water conditioning technology available to it customers in the Maryland area. This new Patent Pending system can be applied to a water softener, acid neutralizer, or a backwashing water filtration unit, and is designed to remove large amounts of iron and sulfur (hydrogen sulfide) from residential and light commercial well water systems.

This one of a kind system combines two tried and true water treatment methods into one very simple and easy to maintain system. It uses air injection and either cation exchange water softening (for hard water, iron, and sulfur removal) or it can be used as a salt free system in a backwashing acid neutralizer and/or iron filter. Repulsive sulfur (rotten egg) smell can be removed without having to use chemicals like sodium hypochlorite bleach (for a chemical feed pump system) or potassium permanganate (for a greensand filter) and will remove large amounts hydrogen sulfide gas in well water supplies.

By using a micronizer (air injector) or air pump to introduce air into the well system, this means no messy chemicals to mix and not having to worry about running out of any of the solutions. Air contains about 30% oxygen and replaces oxidative chemicals with no after taste or chlorine smell in the treated water. Most customers have been opting in for either the standard 32,000 grain or the 64,000 grain water softeners with this Patent Pending EcoVent Technology.

Owner Scott R. Handy says "This new technology has the potential to change the way water softeners are designed and built not only in this country but around the world. The system is so easy to repair and maintain that it's use will become universal in the residential water conditioning industry". "Mr. Water" could become a household name in the water treatment industry in the not so distant future.

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