MPWH Announces Alexandra Harbushka as Their Spokesperson

Finding love and hope after herpes is certainly possible. Many find this through the online singles with herpes dating community MPWH, who recently added Alexandra Harbushka, blogger and podcaster of LifeWithHerpes as their spokesperson.

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​​Living with herpes can be challenging in many different ways. That said, one thing is certain, with the right support and connected to a caring and understanding community can make dealing with herpes much easier and less emotionally draining. Leading the way in this area is the world's number one and original herpes dating website and community for singles MPWH. In exciting news, from MPWH, they recently celebrated adding a very well respected figure and activist in the people with herpes community Alexandra Harbushka as their spokesperson. Harbushka is well known for her very informative blog and podcast LifeWithHerpes. The enthusiasm surrounding the news is high.

“Our goal is to help more people with herpes to be confident and comfortable to their life again,” Michelle Lee commented, the co-founder of MPWH App. “Adding Alexandra to our team will definitely help us accomplish this goal on a wider scale, we really love and respect her work.”

MPWH exists to help singles meet each other who understand what life with herpes means, opening the door to support, friendship, and dating. The community surrounding the platform is lively and active, with forums and blogs hosted on top of its social connecting features.

The platform is completely anonymous and respects the privacy of its members completely. Members can choose just how much or how little they want to reveal about themselves, something that is very important when the greater community still suffers from significant misunderstanding and prejudices against people who have the sexually transmitted disease.

About MPWH

MPWH is the first and leading American-based international Herpes / HSV dating and support community. It provides full access to features on its PC site, mobile site, Android App, and iOS App. The platform is exclusive for singles living with Oral Herpes (HSV-1) and Genital Herpes (HSV-2) and provides them with an opportunity to find love and support. The Herpes-only dating community allows members to filter out other STDs, such as HPV, HIV/AIDS etc. MPWH is always selected as the best choice by Herpes singles to find love, friends, and support. For more information be sure to visit

About Alexandra Harbushka

Alexandra Harbushka was diagnosed with herpes over a decade ago. She hosts her own blog and podcast called Life With Herpes which she created to educate, entertain and connect the underserved community of people living with herpes. Alexandra is working hard to eradicate herpes stigma by facilitating and encouraging awareness, education, and acceptance through story-telling and resource recommendations. 

Alexandra Harbushka is a professional life coach, podcaster, speaker and a freelance writer specializing in living life diagnosed with herpes. She writes and speaks about sexual health, safer sex, herpes awareness, education, and acceptance.

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