Herpes Dating Site MPWH Warns Members Not to Wash and Use Expired Condoms as They May Not Guard Against Herpes

Popular herpes dating site MPWH has its members' best interests at heart. Part of this is warning herpes singles to make sure to use new condoms every time they have sex or they could be at great risk.

Safe sex is important for everyone, but especially for those who with herpes. Herpes singles have to be especially careful about the judgment they use before and during sex, for everyone's sake. Leading the way in education in this area is the first and most popular herpes dating site and community MPWH. MPWH recently reminded members that using expired or washing and reusing condoms is completely unsafe and not a practice that anyone concerned with their or their partner's health should ever consider. This information is confirmed by the world's health leaders and has been greeted by the MPWH herpes singles community with enthusiasm.

“Herpes dating can be fun and romantic as any other kind of dating but we also have an added responsibility to be safe,” commented Michelle Lee, the co-founder of MPWH app. “Using new condoms is an effective and inexpensive way to be precautious in a time when it is absolutely necessary for everyone's concern.”

I am so grateful to the herpes dating website MPWH. I caught herpes when I was just 17 and thought my dating life was over. They showed me it wasn't true and in fact it can be both fun, romantic, and safe. The new information about condoms were things I knew, but glad they are sharing to the community. I fully recommend joining.

H.C., from Seattle

Over the years, MPWH has built a large and well-educated herpes singles and herpes dating site that have put a keen eye on not just connecting romantic partners but doing everything possible to help keep their members safer through well-thought-out advice and dispersing education that can be incredibly valuable. This new attention being put on using fresh condoms is only the latest move in this area. This focus comes after an anonymous survey of 10,000 MPWH members showed that there are about 0.1% of MPWH members who have caught herpes because of reusing or using expired condoms when they had sex, clearly a dangerous act. In the words of MPWH, ”Condoms don’t last forever.”

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Source: MPWH