Morrison Rothman LLP Announces Adam Gertz as Its Head of Esports

Morrison Rothman's Adam Gertz to Oversee Largest Esports Client Roster in the Industry

Morrison Rothman LLP, a leading legal firm specializing in entertainment, YouTube, intellectual property, video games, esports, technology, and privacy law, today announced Adam Gertz, Senior Counsel at Morrison Rothman, will take on the new role of Head of Esports within the firm.

Morrison Rothman has become the go-to law firm for esports players, streamers, and influencers, having advised hundreds over the past several years. Its distinguished legal team handles trademark and IP portfolios and has been crucial in advising on the complicated corporate restructurings and major investments for a vast number of brands and companies within the esports space. The firm has played a major role in giving esports players and talent a voice within the industry, ensuring they know their rights when signing any agreements. For the past year, Gertz has supervised the majority of esports deals at Morrison Rothman, after training under Ryan Morrison, one of the world’s leading esports attorneys.

“Since its inception, Morrison Rothman has worked tirelessly to protect player rights and enhance player leverage within the esports community,” said Gertz. “I am excited to continue these efforts and lead Morrison Rothman’s practice in this dynamic area of the law and I am proud to work alongside such brilliant attorneys and colleagues as we strive to enhance the esports industry for players, teams, partners, and fans.”

Prior to joining Morrison Rothman, Gertz worked as counsel to Los Angeles’ mayor, Eric Garcetti. After presiding over several technology transactions and serving as Mayor Garcetti’s Cybersecurity Policy Director, Gertz created the Los Angeles Cyber Lab, the nation’s first regional public private partnership for cybersecurity information sharing. Gertz also touts several years of experience in IP licensing and registration, as well as privacy, corporate transactional matters, and business litigation.

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