Morningbird Media Corporation Produces the World's First Diode and Transistor on a FDM 3D Printer

Morningbird Media Corporation announces that it has successfully printed and tested the world’s first diode and transistor using a fusion deposition-modeling-(FDM)-based 3D printer. Morningbird’s Electronic Alchemy eForge device produced the electronic components using its proprietary filament mixtures, and tested them in its Intermediate Development, Engineering, and Analysis, (IDEA) laboratory in Victoria, Texas.

“We are more than ecstatic about these results,” says Dr. Chance M. Glenn, Sr., President of Morningbird Media Corporation and the Chief Scientist for the Electronic Alchemy product. “This is the beginning of an amazing capability. Diodes and transistors are the building blocks of so much of our electronic technology today. Now, the sky's the limit. Users will be able to design and test all kinds of electronic devices, thus changing the design, development, testing, and production cycle forever.” 

A​fter having measured and verified important device characteristics, Morningbird anticipates publishing the results of this accomplishment in the open scientific literature early in 2021. Morningbird Media has been developing and commercializing the Electronic Alchemy eForge, a 3D printer, capable of creating functional electronic devices. The Electronic Alchemy package consists of the eForge series 2, a multi-material 3D printer, up to six different proprietary electronic material filaments, and a copy of Autodesk’s Fusion 360 CAD software with our EA eForge s2 plugin, visit:

The eForge series 2 can print up to eight different materials simultaneously and can produce devices such as sensors, test devices, toys, games, indicators, and a host of other active electronic devices ready to be utilized by various industries, including health, education, manufacturing, defense, research and development, and others. The Electronic Alchemy eForge development has been supported by NASA from phase I, II, and II SBIRs and STTRs. Morningbird expects to release its product to the market in early 2021. Morningbird Media Corporation is a technology development company based in the Houston, Texas region. Its mission is to enable innovation through the creation and commercialization of new technologies.

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Source: Morningbird Media Corporation