Morningbird Media and Euro Alliance S.A. of Switzerland Announce Partnership to Commercialize Electronic Alchemy Technology Internationally

Electronic Alchemy

​​​​Euro Alliance S.A. and the Morningbird Media Corporation announced this week that they will work together through the Euro Alliance’s Market Access & Incubation Programme to move Morningbird’s unique Electronic Alchemy ( technology towards commercialization in the Southeastern Asia and Middle East market (APAC & MENA regions). Dr. Chance Glenn, Founder and President of Morningbird Media, says “the eForge’s capability to 3D print functional electronics is ready to be commercialized and the potential applications for various industries, to include health, education, and manufacturing, is phenomenal. We have been working with some great collaborative partners to get us ready for this level with Euro Alliance.”

Unlike conventional 3D printers, the Electronic Alchemy eForge can print both electronic and mechanical materials. This technology’s research has been sponsored by NASA to help astronauts print items in space on demand. Not only does the technology include the novel multi-extruder eForge printer, but it also includes a proprietary set of material filaments that can produce electronic devices. 

Biomedical, industrial, consumer, and engineering applications are all possible with the eForge. The printer can shorten production iteration cycles and save money designing and prototyping biomedical and other devices with 3D-printed electronic components. This printer also looks to augment the ability to print replacement sensors and electronic components that are necessary to keep industrial processes running efficiently and build functional hardware prototypes faster and more affordable than ever before.

The Euro Alliance/Morningbird partnership includes an exclusive manufacturing license to Euro Alliance for the design and manufacture of the printer and materials in India, which is in line with the "Make in India" initiative by Prime Minister ModiEuro Alliance is setting up a global R&D and manufacturing hub in India to make technology affordable and innovation close to users. Says Euro Alliance’s Chairman and Managing Director, Rakshat Mehta, “We are excited to help Dr. Glenn and the Morningbird team take this disruptive technology to the stage of impact. We know what this could mean to hospitals, academic institutions, and even to other technologies like smart tech.”

This Euro Alliance project will commence in the first half of 2020 with anticipated rollout of printers to the market by the second half of 2020. 


Euro Alliance S.A. is a Swiss-based technology group that scouts and commercializes ground-breaking technology globally and brings them toward markets quicker and easier.  Euro Alliance partners with international governments, NGOs, and industry and academic leaders to create an acceleration platform for technologies in Medtech, Bio & Nutra tech, Fintech, 3D printing, wireless charging, track & trace with Blockchain technology, and water prospecting. They have representation in China, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, UK, and manufacturing in India and South Korea. 

Morningbird Media has been named as a global top innovation startup company by Fast CompanyYahooGOBankingRates, and works in collaboration with NASA.


Source: Morningbird Media Corporation


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