Morgan Newfield: Majority of SPD Members Support Coalition

Morgan Newfield: Upcoming postal poll will decide if new election to be held in Germany.

Morgan Newfield: According to a recent survey, the majority of Germany’s Social Democrats supporters are in favor of establishing a grand coalition government with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative party.

The survey which was conducted by a regional German newspaper revealed that 66 percent of SPD supporters are happy with a coalition government while only 30 percent would prefer a new election. 78 percent of Merkel’s conservative supporters are in favor of the proposed coalition.

In a postal poll later this month, members of the SPD will be asked to approve a four-year government plan that party heads agreed to last week. The results of this ballot are due to be announced early in March and if the proposed program is not accepted, Germany will probably hold a new election.

Morgan Newfield economists say the poll also revealed that almost half of Germans would like to see Merkel serve another full term as Chancellor with 5 percent less than the remaining half preferring to see a successor serve within the next four years.

Almost 75 percent of Merkel’s party’s own supporters want to see her serve another full four-year term while 86 percent of the opposition AfD party want to see someone else take her place.

Morgan Newfield economists say that many senior members of the SPD have reservations about sharing power in a coalition with Merkel and would prefer to rebuild the party after it received the worst results in last year’s election since the formation of Germany as a republic in 1949.

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