Morgan James Partners With Lurn, Inc. to Provide New Platform for Entrepreneurial Titles

Morgan James Publishing is partnering up with Lurn, Inc., the transformational home for entrepreneurs by making their entrepreneurial-based titles available through the Lurn Books platform.

Lurn was founded in 2004 by Anik Singal, who envisioned a straightforward goal: to provide a transformational home for entrepreneurs. Morgan James’ decision to become a strategic partner with Lurn allows Morgan James titles to be available to thousands of entrepreneurs and students alike who are looking for books written specifically on entrepreneurship, digital marketing, mindset and more. In addition, Morgan James titles will find a home with over 1 million subscribers from over 30+ countries as well as over 450,000 Lurn Nation members. 

Founder and CEO David Hancock is an entrepreneur at heart and designed Morgan James to foster the needs of the entrepreneurial author. He has continued to research and adopt new ways to add value and support his fellow, like-minded authors and believes he has found yet another avenue to do just that by partnering with Lurn. The synergy between Morgan James and Lurn is undeniable as both adopt this main ideal: To educate people about how to be the best entrepreneur they can be - no matter where they are on their journey.  

In correspondence with the Lurn Books Platform launch, Morgan James titles included on the site will be offered at a promotional price of $4.95 through Jan. 1, 2021. To learn more about Lurn, please visit

About Morgan James Publishing: 

Morgan James publishes trade quality titles designed to educate, encourage, inspire, or entertain readers with current, consistent, relevant topics that are available everywhere books are sold. )

About Lurn:

Lurn is the transformational home for entrepreneurs. We provide a virtual and in-person training center to teach, coach and guide entrepreneurs all over the world.

Founded by Anik Singal in 2004, Lurn’s approach has always been a straightforward one:

1.     To empower others to create & grow passion-based businesses

2.     To encourage big ideas that will change the world

3.     To educate people about how to be the best entrepreneur they can be - no matter where they are on their journey

For more about Lurn, please visit

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Source: Morgan James Publishing