More Productivity, Less Stress: How Lumin PDF's Features Simplify Digital Workflow for Organizations

Lumin PDF

Recently, Lumin PDF launched its brand new feature - Organizations. The feature offers a centralised, digital workspace for organizations big or small to manage important documents and collaborate across departments or teams, using Lumin PDF's suite of editing tools.

The new feature includes capabilities available exclusively for organizations:

  • Multiple user accounts
  • Unlimited editing features, uploads and e-signatures
  • Priority email support
  • Organizational insights
  • Premium security controls
  • A dedicated account manager

The feature offers a Business plan that includes up to 100 members and an Enterprise plan for organizations that are working with more than 100 members.

With the Organizations feature, users will be able to collaborate and share documents across their entire organization or split members into projects and teams. They can view insights into who's working on what and group projects by teams, departments, or classrooms. Additionally, documents can be shared with members beyond their organization.

This new feature from Lumin PDF makes collaboration more efficient, with its sophisticated functionality helping teams stay connected and productive online. All members will be able to view insights and observe overall input on projects from wherever they are.

Edits are made in real time and documentation is safely stored within Lumin storage and Google Drive. Organizations has been created with security as a priority, and members gain access to premium security controls to ensure their documents stay within their organization. There is complete control over the sharing of information at any time.

By introducing the new Organizations feature, Lumin PDF aims to help organizations stay connected in the age of remote working and distance learning.

Source: Lumin PDF