More Power to Users With the Launch of New Dashboard on SureMDM Web Console

With the launch of new dashboard, SureMDM Web Console empowers admins to perform real-time analysis, reporting and gives a graphical view of device details.

SureMDM is an ideal solution for organization’s mobile device management needs. It is robust and comprehensive and yet easy to install and quick to learn. The lightweight mobile device management solution comes with a web-based console that gives a centralized view of enrolled devices and offers easy tracking, remote control, reporting, health check and more.

SureMDM Web Console is now more effective with the launch of a brand new dashboard. The new dashboard is HTML5-based and can be customized by device administrators for better device monitoring. Device administrators can sort, filter and organize the dashboard to get customized panels with summarized views of device parameters of their choice. In cases where there are multiple administrators for one single account, each administrator can have his or her own personalized view of the dashboard.

“Our existing SureMDM customers have been demanding a dashboard that they can customize as per their needs. Administrators who need to monitor active devices and battery health will find this dashboard very useful.”says Prakash Gupta, CTO, 42Gears.

With the new dashboard, users will be having the following advantages:

1.       Quick status check: Device administrators save time as they do not need to log-in to the console and pull out reports to view the status of devices or device details.

2.       Real-time reporting: One glance on the dashboard and users can get a full view of the real-time status of enrolled devices. The graphs are also colour coded accordingly for easy reading.

3.       Increase device management efficiency and productivitySureMDM dashboard gives an effective way to proactively identify any inefficient trends of all enrolled mobile devices and apply corrective measures if required.

4.       Track critical parameters: Set up device parameters that are critical to organization’s success. Focus on these parameters will help in predicting and avoiding any device downtime issues which could directly or indirectly affect the business.

About 42Gears

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