42Gears Launches Infotainment Solution for Travel and Hospitality Industry

42Gears enters Infotainment domain with the launch of its Infotainment Solution. This is a comprehensive solution to turn smartphones, tablets and other touch-enabled devices across all platforms into infotainment devices within minutes.

Infotainment refers to a digital platform that delivers a combination of informative and entertaining content. Infotainment is generally characterised by an easy-to-use interface which includes information and entertainment based media or programs to keep audiences engaged.

The infotainment solution from 42Gears is a highly customizable and comprehensive solution for quick and easy setting up of infotainment units as it requires no coding and no extensive configuration steps. It can turn off-the-shelf mobile device on any platform (Android, iOS and Windows) into an infotainment unit. This infotainment unit is a perfect fit as an in-car or in-vehicle entertainment or in similar business setups such as hotel lobbies where guests waiting to meet someone can be kept engaged. These units would keep passengers and guests occupied and also help businesses with a flexible platform for their promotional activities.

“Our customers have been demanding a solution to keep their clients engaged. Some of them have already deployed this with tremendous benefits. This product will be very useful for hospitality and travel industry”, says Kaushik Sindhu, Senior Manager Product Engineering at 42Gears.

The solution can be installed locally on a device or it can be hosted on cloud. With the remote management console, one can configure and upload content to cloud that can be pushed automatically to devices. It can also be managed and monitored remotely through SureMDM and can be integrated with lockdown solutions like SureFox to turn it into kiosk mode.

The application offers a wide range of features like customizable wallpapers, colour themes and branding. It even comes with a feature to add and remove content from different categories.

About 42Gears

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