'Moore Lock & Key Food Container': Ends Potential Lunch Time Problems for Workers Sharing Same Fridge.

If you work in an office with a refrigerator shared by employees then you already know the possibility of someone else eating your food even if your name in taped to the item. This can be frustrating for a person who is unable to get out at lunchtime to a supermarket or other facility to replace the “stolen” or missing items. That will not happen if one is using this new unique unit. The Moore Lock & Key Food Container is a specially designed line of portable food containers featuring locking outer compartment that provides consumers with a means of keeping their food items from being eaten by others when using a shared refrigerator.

The Moore Lock & Key Food Container is a line of microwave safe food containers that insert into an outer shell that can be secured closed with a lock. The outer shell is fabricated of a durable, high-impact plastic or metal material. The rectangular containers are offered in individual, lunch box-size and platter-size configurations. The units measure between seven and fifteen inches in length, six and eleven inches in width, and two and four inches in depth. A hinge-mounted lid is provided with a rubberized seal to ensure a fully sealed enclosure. Located on the front of the lid would be the containers locking mechanism, which can be unlocked with keys (2) provided with the product. Constructed of a plastic material or glass the removable microwave safe food container is secured and locked inside saving food from uninvited tampering (or theft) and keeps foods fresh and tasty while stored in a refrigerator. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Moore Lock & Key Food Container.
The Moore Lock & Key Food Container is Patent Pending and was invented by Sonya Moore of Palmdale, CA who said, “This unit protects the interior food and is dishwasher safe. It comes in a wide variety of colors, is durable, and made of high quality materials. It sustains years of continued use, but best of all, it works.”

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