Monitoring and Reporting Add-on for TSplus Becomes Server Genius

TSplus has worked for a year to be able to offer its customers powerful additional tools for an optimal Remote Desktop experience. Server Genius is the new identity of "Reporting and Monitoring for RDP", an easy and efficient reporting solution to setup on remote servers. It monitors, records and analyzes users activity in every application and delivers enterprise-scale analytics.

Server Genius - RDP monitoring

 Track Remote Access and Record RDP Sessions

Server Genius replaces "Reporting and Monitoring for RDP" and provides the full features. It captures all user activity, from the login to the logout, taking place in an opened TSplus remote session. Thanks to this amazing tool, Administrators get a clear understanding of their Remote servers' environments.

Server Genius checks real-time Remote Desktop Session Host performance, including CPU, memory, network, and storage status. It measures bandwidth usage, brings critical information for anticipating network upgrades, and more.

Installed applications and licenses are watched to detect the validity deadlines or the ones unused, to avoid penalties and to help decrease costs.

Administrators have unlimited access to reports from anywhere, via the Server Genius' user-friendly web interface which is fully compatible with tablets and Smartphones.

Easy to install, use and maintain, Server Genius is the easiest monitoring tool to setup on TSplus.

  • Platform setup in seconds
  • Clear and intuitive reports design
  • Real-time and accurate alerts

It just works out of the box and displays the most useful data extracted from the server.

Retrieve important information on user activities

Server Genius protects against employee recklessness thanks to user activity monitoring. It allows auditing the remote access by recording actions in all opened sessions and all apps connected to the RDS server. It can be used to check activities per period, determinate the busiest hours, and track daily user activity. Server genius helps to find out the most frequently used and the most popular applications, as well as the total time users spend using a specific app.

Server Genius analytics provide immediate awareness of IT security teams to any undesirable user activity and allow them to take immediate action to make them ceased.

The software will generate customizable and real-time alerts regarding any sensitive, unusual, suspicious or malicious user activity occurring in a chosen date-range to send proactive warnings to security personnel.

When user-based attacks occur, every second matters. With real-time alerts, it is possible to quickly and effectively respond to any deliberate or inadvertent threats to IT security, system integrity, regulatory compliance or company policies...

The result is a powerful solution for monitoring, analyzing, alerting and intervening in user-based threats. And it is sold at a very special price for TSplus' customers: $275!

The TSplus Development team is currently studying areas for improvement in order to deliver in 2018 an extended version of this professional reporting tool that guarantees the best remote desktop experience.

Monitor Remote Sessions at a glance and troubleshoot damaging issues faster. Download Server Genius Add-on Now:

About TSplus Software:

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