Moms in Office PAC Establishes Childcare Fund to Support Candidates With Caregiving Responsibilities

Today, Simona Grace, founder of Moms in Office political action committee, announced that the organization established a Childcare Fund that will provide assistance for candidates with caregiving responsibilities. Moms in Office is a leading democratic organization (PAC) dedicated to electing progressive mom candidates and working to achieve economic justice for all women.

The Childcare Fund is established in collaboration with Helpr, a female-founded technology company providing care infrastructure that families need. Childcare support through Helpr's platform allows parents to use their own community of care support including family, friends, and professional babysitters. Parents submit a name and contact info for their chosen care providers and Helpr handles all direct payment, communication, and compliance.

Grace, 38, founded Moms in Office following the 2018 midterm election with the mission to break down the barriers that keep women with caregiving responsibilities out of elected office. The organization stepped onto the national stage during the 2020 election cycle supporting over 23 women across the country and helping to elect superstar candidates such as Rep. Nikema Williams (D-GA) and Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA). Moms in Office offers formal endorsements, campaign contributions and other innovative support programs.

"Campaigning for an elected position is a full time, unpaid job," said Grace. "As such, many qualified women with caregiving responsibilities don't run for office. They can't afford to give up their jobs and take care of their families, all while running a campaign. We need to lessen the risk and level the playing field. After working with candidates across the US last year, it became clear to me that political organizations supporting women need to be more intentional with their support. In addition to receiving a formal endorsement and a campaign contribution, our endorsed candidates will now get access to the Moms in Office Childcare Fund as an in-kind contribution to help with the cost of childcare."

According to RepresentWomen, women candidates often match and even outraise men, but women remain at a structural disadvantage because it costs more to win as a woman. On the federal level and in some states, candidates can use campaign contributions for childcare, but this puts women at a disadvantage if they are running against a male incumbent without caregiving responsibilities.

"Political organizations traditionally exist to invest in races, not women," said Grace. "Moms in Office is changing that with a future-minded focus. I want to invest in the political future of women."

Source: Moms in Office


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