Momentum Auto Group Opens Customer Service Center to Support Customers During Management Transition

Momentum Auto Group

Momentum Auto Group of Solano County will transition to new management before 2019, lifting the industry leader out of a difficult financial year. Today, they opened a customer service center to assist and support customers during the company’s transition.

Momentum Auto Group proves itself again as a top dealership in Solano County with a plan to respond to customer needs quickly during their transition to new management. This customer service offering is a temporary solution in response to branch shutdowns until new management is prepared to open doors again at its Solano County dealerships.

The past year has been a series of hurdles for Momentum Auto Group, as multiple setbacks caused a tremendous loss in revenue. For 10 months, construction has halted at the auto group’s largest location, costing time and money in setbacks. Also, buying patterns shifted during an integral season due to the California wildfires, which in turn created poor work conditions for company employees (due to unclean air). Along with these hurdles, a major financial lender to the group filed for bankruptcy earlier this year.

The absence of Momentum’s nine dealerships from the local economy would be devastating; they’re currently one of the largest sales tax payers in the county at roughly $15 million each year. Additionally, Momentum Auto Group is one of the largest payroll tax payers in Solano at an average of $7.5 million annually.

After this year’s complications, the leaders behind Momentum Auto Group understood they needed to find new ownership that could lead the chain of dealerships into a lucrative future. While locations are expected to reopen under new management before the end of the year, Momentum Auto Group is opening a customer service center to support customers in the meantime.

This is a tremendous benefit to customers who otherwise must wait until new management is prepared to reopen dealership doors before completing ongoing maintenance requests. The customer service center will be a temporary solution to ensure customers have access to promised resources while the company transitions.

New management will lead Momentum Auto Group into a bright future, but the current leaders have ensured that the customers will receive the care they deserve in the meantime through the transitionary period.

For more information on customer service availability, please reach out to

Phone: (707) 402-3565

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