ModulTrade Signed an Agreement With Leading African Agro Association to Open Export to World Market via Its Blockchain Platform.

ModulTrade and ANOPACI sign MoU to provide various Ivorian agricultural sectors access to international trade through blockchain solution.

After a month since the first meeting, ModulTrade and ANOPACI sign MoU to provide various Ivorian agricultural sectors access to international trade through blockchain solution.

Following the meeting with ANOPACI (National Organization for Agriculture Producers in Côte d’Ivoire) during ModulTrade’s trip to Africa in early June, ModulTrade is pleased to share that an agreement has now been met. ModulTrade’s Platform and its technology will be seamlessly integrated to help progress ANOPACI’s trade operations in and out of Africa.

The ModulTrade Platform has been developed based on blockchain technology to allow safe and secure trade transactions, cost-effectively and between different markets. The integration with ANOPACI will, as a result of the ModulTrade eco-system, see a vast improvement in quality control and security checks.

ANOPACI brings together various Ivorian agricultural sectors and they currently have 30 member associations, who will soon benefit from successfully completing B2B trade operations like never before, thanks to ModulTrade’s products.

All the participants will be able to:

  • trade on MT Market using its escrow functionality and trade services  

With a vast number of transactions predicted to take place with the new partnership, the demand will naturally increase and by default ModulTrade’s token MTRc, which is used to make transactions, will rise.

The opportunity is exponential, and the partnership is only the beginning of the next phase of the ModulTrade product. ANOPACI’s members will see a big change in how they trade. As well as providing security and safety, the integration will minimize the cost of exporting goods drastically, from traditional bank charges of up to 15 percent, down to as little as 1 percent. This will have a wider beneficial consequence in allowing more trade transactions to take place, but also to improve the livelihoods of all involved.

In addition, the smart-contract functionality will provide a new layer of trust between buyer and seller, which will over time increase the number of transactions that take place. ModulTrade’s Platform infrastructure will support an increase in trade operations in big volumes and will consequently increase the demand for MTRc use.

Together with ANOPACI, The ModulTrade team will address and define the implementation of the platform, interfaces, and interconnections with the existing systems in place. They will also define the full eco-system to provide a seamless end to end trade cycle.


For further information please contact Vyacheslav Novikov, Chief Marketing Officer; email:


The ModulTrade team aims to foster the next commercial revolution in trade finance, with the ModulTrade Marketplace and ModulTrade Wallet launched in early 2018. ModulTrade runs off a smart-contract Blockchain based eco-system, bringing together a comprehensive range of services for the full B2B trade cycle. Operating globally, the platform allows for cross-border trade for emerging markets and micro, small and medium enterprises. The product is accessible online and through smartphones, allowing complex trades to run in real-time, increasing efficiencies and lowering businesses overall costs. The ModulTrade Wallet allows the use of MTRc to make secure transactions across the Blockchain eco-system and release of funds via the smart-contracts.

Source: ModulTrade