ModulTrade Partners With SolarCoin to Open for Its Large Community MT Market and MT Wallet Functionality

ModulTrade has signed an agreement with SolarCoin to unite efforts in the development of blockchain based trading networks

ModulTrade Partners with SolarCoin

ModulTrade has signed an agreement with SolarCoin (Global rewards program for solar electricity generation) to unite efforts in development of blockchain based trading networks and gain access to users of SolarCoin to ModulTrade products.

SolarCoin community across 63 countries will be able to:

  • trade on MT Market using its escrow functionality and trade services
  • pay in MTRc (traded Livecoin) with recently upgraded ModulTrade Wallet (MT Wallet)

ModulTrade will integrate SolarCoin’s crypto currency, SLR, into MT Wallet, making it possible for SolarCoin community to access ModulTrade’s services.

Once this integration takes place, ModulTrade will enable payment with SLR when users of SolarCoin want to make purchase of goods on the ModulTrade Marketplace. Meanwhile all transaction fees will be paid in MTRc, ModulTrade’s Token.

There are currently an astonishing 9,004,162.9 SLR granted across 63 countries, all of which will have the opportunity to be used for safe and secure purchasing of goods on the ModulTrade Marketplace. And with such potential volume of new transactions in SLR, this subsequently will drive the use of MTRc.

Users and investors will benefit from increase of liquidity in MTRc and SLR and access to a range of products and goods on the MT Market, and knowledge that they are able to transact in a safe and secure environment via MT Wallet, from anywhere in the world.

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The ModulTrade team aims to foster the next commercial revolution in trade finance, with the ModulTrade Marketplace and ModulTrade Wallet launched in early 2018. ModulTrade runs off a smart-contract Blockchain based eco-system, bringing together a comprehensive range of services for the full B2B trade cycle. Operating globally, the platform allows for cross-border trade for emerging markets and micro, small and medium enterprises. The product is accessible online and through smartphones, allowing complex trades to run in real-time, increasing efficiencies and lowering businesses overall costs. The ModulTrade Wallet allows the use of MTRc to make secure transactions across the Blockchain eco-system and release of funds via the smart-contracts.

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Vyacheslav Novikov
Chief Marketing Officer , ModulTrade