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One of the areas that Biosense Clinical specializes in is custom compounding. Biosense Clinical Medicinal Service offer specific formulated products according to their clients’ health and skin care need. “We make evidence based adjustments in formulation according to the most updated clinical research or data.” Says Biosense Clinical Team. “We are constantly updating and polishing our knowledge on the most recent clinical data and evidence based research to make accurate and professional clinical recommendation in compounding and product selections. We greatly devote our time and effort in the research and development area to ensure our knowledge is always current and accurate.”

For people who wish to visit Bisoense Clinical Pharmacy locally, they offer health consultation and counselling. They also provide free follow-up services for programs such as weight management. Biosense Clinical Pharmacy is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Biosense Clinical believes in helping people make honest positive change one step at a time

For people who visit Biosense Clinical online, they will notice their effort in incorporating the educational component of their products so their clients are able to learn and educate themselves simultaneously. “We don’t just simply have the products on our website for the public to purchase, we always include useful information and background on the products so clients are able to learn in depth. All the key featured brands that we carry, have their own dedicated information section online so our clients can understand why we have chosen them and not others,” says Bisoense Management Team.

The commitment of Biosense Clinical Pharmacy is to offer total health solution and professional clinical service for their clients. Integrity is the foundation of Bisoense and they strive to bring their clients with the best in everything they do. For more information of their products and service, please visit 

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We specialize in formulating professional custom-made medicinal and cosmeceutical compounds to perfectly suit your special and daily needs. Clinical Services available for weight-loss, anti-aging medicine, and overall well-being and energy program.

Biosense Clinical Pharmacy
Biosense Clinical Pharmacy
Biosense Clinical Pharmacy
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