Modern Family Houses to Accept Gemini Dollar Payments for Custom Homes

Modern Family Houses and Gemini Dollar

Residential builder Modern Family Houses will enable customers to purchase custom steel-frame homes with Gemini dollar (GUSD). This announcement means that holders of the popular stablecoin can now use it to pay for the land and construction of brand new homes in New York and New Jersey.

In 2018, GUSD became the first stablecoin to be regulated by the U.S. government. Its stability is rooted in the fact that each Gemini dollar is backed by one U.S. dollar, held at the State Street Bank and Trust Company. As an ERC20 stablecoin, GUSD enables holders to use the Ethereum network to exchange cryptocurrency for U.S. dollars.

“Gemini dollar is a trusted stablecoin used for everything from merchant settlements to storing cryptocurrency wealth,” said Modern Family Houses president Igor Soshkin, a New York entrepreneur who has been influential in the development of crypto e-commerce. “Our customers can save up for their home by holding crypto wealth in GUSD to avoid the risk of fluctuating coin prices.”

About Modern Family Houses

Modern Family Houses is a custom builder that covers the entire home buying process from land acquisition to design to construction. Manufacturing sturdy steel homes in accordance with New Jersey and New York building codes, the company makes the process of building a custom home affordable and fast, with the entire process taking less than a year in most cases.

Source: Modern Family Houses


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