GlockApps Launches Gappie, an Email Marketing Instant Optimization Bot

Gappie is an innovative 24/7 email marketing analytics and solutions tool which is the first app of its kind to provide instant notifications on Telegram and Slack

Meet Gappie - Your Email Inbox Expert

 GlockApps is excited to announce the release of Gappie, a new user-friendly email marketing optimization bot. Gappie is a 24/7 program that stores all the necessary analytic information in one place and identifies potential email deliverability problems that could easily be overlooked. Seamlessly integrating with Telegram and Slack, Gappie ensures that email marketers can reliably reach the inboxes of their clients and ensure security for both the sender and the recipient.

Gappie enables email marketers to: 

  • Avoid spam filters with Inbox Insights

  • Validate domain records

  • Check IP reputation

  • Receive compliance security alerts

“Gappie gives you a fresh take on how to improve your email infrastructure and the whole email campaign; it provides valuable insights on the spot with just your phone and a platform of your choice," says Alex Markov, the CEO of the GlockApps. “It can analyze the domain’s SPF and DMARC records, check the IP addresses against more than 30 of the most common blacklists, and run spam tests within seconds. Its instant reaction to the drop in DMARC compliance rate or a spike of email traffic from your domain is what makes it so unique. When something suspicious starts happening, you receive Slack or Telegram notification and can immediately react to the issue.” 

Gappie is perfect for companies of all sizes and can be integrated into Telegram or Slack with the click of a button. Integrate Gappie into your business today and see how it quickly becomes an irreplaceable team member.

About GlockApps

GlockApps provides essential email marketing software for both analysis and solutions. Including inbox insights, DMARC analytics, IP reputation monitoring, and bounce tracking, GlockApps software toolbox meets the needs of all email marketers. GlockApps aims to ensure that every email is delivered to the correct inbox and poses no risk to the sender or recipient. 

Source: GlockApps

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