Modern Emergency ID Card and Accompanying Mobile App to Launch This Spring

Socially Conscious Technology that Aims to Save Your Life

​The one tool that could potentially save your life is the size of a driving license and as heavy as a mobile app. MEIDC is an Emergency ID card that carries all of a patient’s volunteered medical and personal information in an encrypted scannable format.  MEIDC is a supplement to your state issued ID that allows first responders to immediately obtain all of the information they need to complete the required electronic paperwork at the scene of an accident and improve patient care when you reach the hospital.

“As a freelance photojournalist, I saw that there was a lapse in communication between patient and emergency medical personnel,” said Shelly Castellano, founder of MEIDC. “Rather than spending time manually completing electronic paperwork while on the scene of an accident, MEIDC allows first responders to get the information they need quickly and efficiently by scanning the barcode in digital format or by reading the card with their eyes for the most important information volunteered by the patient without having to be connected to a third party database.”

During a state of emergency, the patient may be in a state of shock or unable to communicate for themselves. MEIDC gives first responders fast and free access to the information necessary to filling out their mandatory eCPR document, an electronic paperwork report required before transporting the patient. As a result, the process is sped up allowing the patient to receive improved care quickly and efficiently.

MEIDC is an important personal organizational tool. In addition to containing important medical information, MEIDC also communicates any end of life wishes, multiple points of patient identification, health concerns, health insurance information, hospital preferences, family history, donor type or even religious preferences that the patient chooses to volunteer the data. Data is always store with high level encryption on the user device not on a cloud or with a third party. The free downloadable iOS mobile App, releasing in iTunes Store this summer and Android platforms this fall, allows you to populate the information while in a calm state of mind.   Gift cards can be purchased online at for a Standard MEIDC ID Card.  Stay informed with everything MEIDC visit out website or join us on social media.

“The goal of MEIDC is to bridge the communication gap in order to help ensure that the patient’s personal needs are met through excellent emergency care,“ said Castellano. “It’s important for first responders to know the wants and needs of each patient they help. MEIDC communicates just that while keeping the patient’s personal wishes and needs in mind.”

With all the electronic health care record keeping that has been delegated to first responders, MEIDC aims to streamline that process, bring technology and people even closer together.

“This one card and free app may end up being the most important thing you could possibly carry in your wallet and on your phone,” said Castellano.


MEIDC, LLC is Women Owned Small Business in Orange County, California with a commitment to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving quality of life in our community and society. Patents pending.


Professional business development guidance is being provided by OC-SBDC, Tri-Tech SBDC, Tech Coast Venture Network, OCTANeOC and OC-MEDS Emergency Medical Services who oversees 6,000 cloud users in the Southern California test market including Base Hospitals, Fire Stations, Paramedics, EMT’s, Ambulances and City Fire Stations. MEIDC is gaining community support in California and will move quickly across North America with the ongoing growth of corporate and community partners. 100% made in USA.  Contact us to join our Alliance locally and nationwide.