Moblico Technology is Providing Distributors the Tools to Adapt and Thrive in a New Economy

Recent events have proven the importance of innovation and modernization to keep businesses running remotely.

​​​Moblico is transforming the business landscape for distributors, helping them stay always connected. With new ways to order remotely and engage with texting and mobile apps, Moblico is driving the shift that’s helping distributors secure the supply chain during times of unexpected crisis through curbside pick-up and remote operations.

“Moblico’s technology has played a significant role in our ability to keep our business running smoothly amid the pandemic,” says Lauren Roberts, CEO of CFM Distributors. “Despite the new set of challenges we’re facing as a result of the pandemic, the technology, like what we have with Moblico, enables us to maintain the same levels of communication with customers while providing accurate and timely information.”

Wholesale is a 5.7 trillion dollar industry, and the pandemic has exposed the inefficiencies and vulnerabilities of the supply chain. Moblico saw a sharp increase in the use of its mobile ordering and engagement platform during the pandemic, nearly a 130% increase in March and a 76% increase in April. The post-pandemic economy will require innovative solutions to keep business moving no matter what situations arise. Many distributors have yet to adapt to the tech-driven, cloud-based economy of the 21st century; legacy methods that utilize limited communication and mobile commerce technology are not aging well, proven by recent events.

Solutions such as Business Texting, also known as text-to-landline, are enabling seamless communication between sales and support teams and their customers anytime, anywhere, while leveraging distributor branches’ existing landline phone numbers. Business Texting enables text-based ordering, customer support, and visual communication through pictures, videos, and documents. Leveraging a platform also enables simpler tracking and management of text-based communications, while decreasing wait times and improving productivity.

The mobile app designed for distributors creates a centralized platform to bring together an array of services, regardless of platform, in one convenient location. Customers can quickly order, build lists, and shop on their mobile phones. With Moblico’s Marketing Engine, distributors can deliver personalized content, communicate, and build deeper connections with customers.  Among other use cases, the mobile app is used by distributors’ customers to scan products to shopping lists, search and order product parts, click-to-call and click-to-text with branch locations able to lookup manufacturer warranties, and much more.

Moblico is also creating new opportunities to engage with customers remotely, not only by messaging capabilities like SMS, MMS, email, TXT2CHAT, and in-app push notifications but also through marketing and content initiatives. Digital advertising, promotions, training, events, and loyalty rewards help to drive marketing campaigns and provide additional opportunities to interact with current and potential customers. Robust content pieces like videos, informative literature, calculators, and more, are helpful, practical tools that provide ongoing value for those same customers. In addition, Moblico’s promotional tool suite makes it possible for distributors to monetize their mobile communication programs.

“Historically, our industry has lagged behind when it comes to adopting new technology,” adds Roberts. “But the situation created by this pandemic has proven the need and importance of evolving with new and innovative technologies. It’s enabling companies like ours to conduct business remotely, observe Federal guidelines, and keep our employees and customers safe.”

Moblico’s roots are based in mobile business solutions, helping distributors accomplish more while on-the-go, enabling remote ordering, communication, content dissemination, and more. For distributors to thrive in today’s economy, it takes an exceptional customer experience, increased productivity, cloud-based operations, and targeted outreach, all of which Moblico’s technology provides.

About Moblico

Since 2010, Moblico is the only solution provider focused on offering a complete turn-key mobile communication and engagement platform wholesale distributors need to go mobile. Today, over 2,500 distribution locations trust Moblico to drive 4x-8x higher customer engagement rates and 800% sales spikes with their mobile commerce, communication and marketing programs.

Moblico solutions include Business Texting, Broadcast Messaging, Team Texting, Mobile Hybrid App, Scan-to-Buy, Mobile Commerce, Weather Triggered Notifications, Geo-Targeted Digital Marketing and more, all under one roof. Our custom solutions are easy to use and designed to fit wholesale distributors of any size.

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​Pierre Barbeau, Co-Founder/CEO at Moblico​​

Source: Moblico

About Moblico

Moblico provides marketing technology solutions that make it easier, quicker and cheaper for companies to deliver goal-oriented mobile programs. Moblico helps wholesalers acquire, engage, retain, and monetize customers and employees.

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