Mobius Risk Group Offsets 2021 and 2022 Carbon Footprint

Mobius today announces it has offset and retired 100% of its 2021 scope 1 and 2 emissions and offset 100% of its projected 2022 scope 1 and 2 carbon footprint.

Mobius today announces it has offset and retired 100% of its 2021 scope 1 and 2 emissions and offset 100% of its projected 2022 scope 1 and 2 carbon footprint.

Mobius used its Risknet carbon module's (G- Risk) integration with ViridiosAI to evaluate and research potential offset projects based on chosen UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Following a company-wide presentation, discussion and voting period, Mobius evaluated organizational and individual operational changes and selected two projects to offset the company's remaining carbon footprint. 

"For this important albeit nascent carbon market to evolve, transparency, integrity of information, understanding what's possible, taking action and providing continuous visibility to the organization and our stakeholders is foundational," said Eric Melvin, CEO at Mobius Risk Group. 

"As leaders in the data, analytics, and commodity technology space, we wanted to share the process that we have used internally and with our clients. Working through our 7-Step Carbon Risk Management process showcased the impact of our team, technology, and partnership with Viridios AI.

"Working through this process as a company-wide team prompted new awareness, conversations, and resulting action that has moved the carbon conversation forward within our organization. It is this same process for corporates, pension funds, and endowments that is required for this early-stage market to fully evolve," Melvin added.

Climate and ESG risks largely are like other risk factors such as credit, market, or operational losses. As entire supply chains are exposed to the same risk factors, firms that de-risk the supply chain will benefit in multiple ways. 

Last year, Mobius developed a carbon risk analytics module, G-RiskTM, which tracks data and generates easy-to-read reports with actionable analytics and visibility into a company's carbon risk.

The company's platform integration with Viridios AI enables clients to track the dollar value of their carbon portfolio based on corporate ESG goals and real-time valuation of SDGs in offset portfolios held against their carbon exposure. 


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